Rule 13-3 Re-accreditation Requirements

Rule 13-3 requires all Level II accredited physicians to submit three impairment rating reports for reaccreditation every three years. Submission of the first three reports is required and highly recommended after initial accreditation. Accepted submissions include Division Independent Medical Examination (DIME), Authorized Treating Provider (ATP) and any other Independent Medical Exam (IME) reports. These reports are reviewed by a medical reviewer for specific criteria including; history, physical examination, clinical diagnosis, discussion of maximum medical improvement (MMI) with specified date, discussion of impairment rating (includes tables and figures), apportionment if applicable and discussion of ongoing work restrictions or ongoing care that may be included after reaching MMI. All worksheets (DIME summary sheet, final WC164 and impairment worksheets) must be included with the report and will also be reviewed for any insufficiencies. These report submissions are used for education and feedback to physicians. This will be provided in the form of a letter from the medical reviewer. 

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Rule 13-3 Report Submissions

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