Rescinded Policy Guidance Letters prior to 03/2016

Please Note: The Policy Guidance Letters (PGLs) listed below have been rescinded and are no longer valid policies. They have been provided for informational purposes only.

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PGL Number

Title & Attachments

97-04-P1 One Stop Center Core Services
97-11-P4 Access to Services
99-23-WP1 Provision And Reporting of Vocational Guidance Services
Revised March 2013
Individual Training Accounts  Revised
00-16-WIA1 Sequential Delivery of Service-Title 1, Adult & Disl. Wkr
01-04-WP1 Guidance Regarding Job Orders and Employer Services (PDF)
01-08-WIA1 On-the-Job Training and Customized Training
01-27(I) Program Guidance Letter Format
02-27-TN Choice of Providers of TAA-Approved Training 
02-33-P ES Complaint System Reporting Requirements (PDF)
  1. Job Service Complaint System Logging (PDF) - (document not available)
  2. ES Complaint Referral (PDF)
Leave Procedures for State Employees in Colorado County-run One Stop Workforce Centers (PDF)
03-21-WIA Introduction of Technical Assistance Notices (TANS)
04-14-WIA Guidelines for the WIA Annual Report (PDF)
06-01-V Veteran Triage Policy and The Intensive Veterans Service Program
06-03-V Veterans File Search and Veterans Preference in Job Referrals
  1. Affidavit of Immigration Status (PDF)
06-09-WIA WIA Waiver: Formula Set-Aside for "Local Activities"
Revised April 2013
WIA Waiver: Formula Set-Aside for "Local Activities" Revised
  1. Set Aside Quarterly Report
06-11-P Functional Operational Supervision Issues & Leave Authorization in Colorado (PDF)
08-02-M Updated Poverty Income guidelines for Program Year 2007
  1. Poverty Guidelines 2007
08-04-WIA Lower Living Standard Income Level
  1. Federal Letter
08-05-WIA PY08 WIA & Wagner-Peyser Local Plan Modification Guidelines (PDF)
  1. Budget Services
  2. Adult Allocations
  3. Dislocated Worker Allocations
  4. Youth Allocations
  5. Wagner-Peyser Allocations
  6. Expenditure Authorization (EA)
  7. Language Assistance
  8. NGA Center for Best Practices
  1. Discretionary Grant Quarterly Reporting Template
  1. Phase I: Program Implementation Review - (document not available)
  2. Phase II: Mid-Year Planning Review - (document not available)
  3. Program Review and Annual Compliance Monitoring Calendar - (document not available)
  4. Quarterly Chart for each program review phase - (document not available)

WIA Eligibility Determination and Documentation 

PGL 08-17-WIA Eligibility for WIA Programs Revised - August 2014 
  1. WIA Adult Program Eligibility Requirements, Glossary, and Documentation
  2. WIA Dislocated Worker Program Eligibility Requirements, Glossary, and Documentation
  3. WIA Youth Program Eligibility Requirements, Glossary, and Documentation
  4. WIA Set Aside Discretionary Grant Eligibility Requirements, and Glossary
  5. TEGL 22-04 Serving Military Service Members Military Spouses under WIA Dislocated Workers Program
  6. TEGL 22-04, change 1-Serving Military Service Members Military Spouses under the WIA Dislocated Worker Formula Grant
  7. TEGL 5-08, Policy for Collection and Use of Workforce System Participants' Social Security Numbers (November 13,2008)
  8. TAN 12-1 Using UI Documents and Screens for WIA Eligibility


Annual Compliance Monitoring and Risk Assessment Guidelines

  1. WIA & WP Governance Compliance Monitoring Guide
  2. WIA & WP Administration Program Grant & Financial Management Systems Compliance Monitoring Guide
  3. WIA & WP Program Svcs and Delivery Systems Compliance Monitoring Guide
  4. WIA & WP Performance Accountabiilty Compliance Monitoring Guide
  5. 5A: WIA Adult Program & Local Priority of Service File Review Documentation Guide
  6. Policies list and Docs
  7. Compliance Monitoring Procedures for Per-Client Expenditures
  8. Quarterly Expenditure Activity Chart

Risk Assessment Categories

08-19-V Transition Assistance Program
09-03-WIA Colorado SECTORS Planning Grants: Solicitation for Grant Applications
  1. SECTORS Planning Grants SGA final
  2. About Sectors
  3. Sector Toolkit Modules
  4. Cover Signature Sheet
  5. Budget Worksheet
09-04-WIRED WIRED Monitoring Guidance Letter and Instrument.pdf•WIRED Monitoring Instrument (PDF)
  1. WIRED Monitoring Instrument (PDF)
  1. Rapid Response Contacts (PDF)
  2. Layoff/Warn Notice Report (PDF)
  3. Rapid Response Planning Meeting Outline (PDF)
  4. Layoff Transition Workshop Outline (DOC)
  5. Layoff Transition Workshop Sign-In Sheet (PDF)
  6. Layoff Transition Workshop Evaluation (PDF)
09-13-P Collaborative Online Workforce Education and Training Portal Demonstration: Online Innovation 4 Talent Development (PDF)
09-19-P Microsoft "Elevate America" eLearning and Exam Vouchers (PDF)
  1.     Microsoft Elevate America Voucher Distribution List (XLS)
  2.     Voucher Donation Agreement between Microsoft Corporation and CDLE (PDF)
  3.     Technical Requirements (PDF)
10-02-WIA Colorado SECTORS Implementation Grants: Reporting & Evaluation Requirements (PDF)
  1. SECTORS Implementation SGA (PDF)
  2. Cover Signature Sheet (PDF)
  3. Evaluation Framework (PDF)
  4. Work Plan Timeline and Deliverables (PDF)
  5. MOU Table (PDF)
  6. Budget Worksheet (XLS)
10-05-V Implementing Priority of Service for Veterans and Eligible Spouses in all qualified job training Programs Funded in whole or in part by the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL)
  1. TAN 05-1 Additional Guidance for Veterans Priority of Service
  2. TAN 06-1 Veterans Priority of Service for WIA
10-06-HC HIRE Colorado Program (PDF)
10-09-WIA Energy Sector Partnership & Training Grant Program Guidelines (PDF)
  1. Energy Sector Partnership & Training Grant Expenditure Report (PDF)
10-10-WP Use of Funds for Outreach, Advertising, Public Relations, and Informational Activities 
  1. USDOL-ETA Region IV Financial Management Bulletin R4FMB No. 02-10

Guidelines for Use of MSFW Program Supplemental Funding

  1. MSFW Funds Proposal Letter
10-14-TRA Guidance on the Issuance, Renewal and Revocation of Waivers for TRA purposes
10-16-WIA Earn to Learn OJT NEG Project
1st Revision
WIA Waiver Policy - 1st Revision


Revised Feb. 2013

Colorado Enhanced Approval Training Program (CEATP) (PDF)

Colorado Enhanced Approval Training Program (CEATP) - Revised Feb. 2013


  1. B644 Authorization for Enhanced Approved Training 
    B644 Authorization for Enhanced Approved Training - Revised Dec. 2012
  2. Release of Information Form 
    CEATP Release of Information Form
  3. Claimant Responsibility Form 
    CEATP Claimant Responsibility Form
  4. CEATP Statewide Occupations List - Revised July 5 2011 (XLS)
    CEATP Statewide Occupations ListRevised - Dec. 2012
  5. Revised Regional Goals for CEATP (PDF) 
    B-645 Notice of Reinstatement of Work-Search Requirement (DOT)
  6. B-645 Notice of Reinstatement of Work-Search Requirement Dec 24, 2009 (DOT)
    Desk Aide - Screen Shots of Enhanced Approved Training Notification - IVR
  7. IVR Screen Shots of Enhanced Approved Training Notification  (PDF)
    CEATP Handout for UI Claimants (PDF)
  8. Claimant Handout  (PDF)
    CEATP Handout for UI Claimants - Spanish Version
  9. Claimant Handout - Spanish version
    CEATP Brochure (PDF) Revised - Dec. 2012
  10. CEATP Brochure (PDF)
    Desk Aide - UI CUBS Screens
  11. Desk Aide for UI CUBS Screens (PDF)


TAA Training Approval Guidelines (PDF)


Regular Approved Training Requests (PDF)

  1. B643 Regular Approved Training Authorization Form
11-15-WP Governor's Summer Job Hunt 2012 (PDF)
  1. Calculation Spread Sheet
11-19-V ReaLifeLines
  1. Expenditure Authorization Form
12-04-WIA PY12 WIA and Wagner-Peyser local Plans Modification Guidelines (PDF)
  1. Local Plan Modification Signature Page (DOT)
  2. Local Plans Narrative (PDF)
  3. WIA Waivers Summary (PDF)
  4. Expenditure Authorization (EA) - (document not available)
  5. Budget-Svcs level chart (XLS)
PGL 12-05-EUC New Requirements for Emergency Unemployment Compensation Benefit Recipients
  1. Workforce Regional Annual Report Form (PDF)
  2. Annual Report Form WDP (PDF)
12-08-V Refocused Roles and Responsibilities of Jobs for Veteran State Grant (JVSG) Funded Staff
12-09-V Veterans Workforce Investment Program (VWIP)
  1. VWIP pre-enrollment application
  2. Affidavit of immigration status
  3. Information Release form
  4. Vocational training request
  5. Individual Employment Plan (IEP)
  6. Employment and benefit tracking form
  7. Quarterly reporting narrative and spreadsheet
12-10-WIA PY11 Data Validation Procedures
  1. Data Elements and Source Documentation Requirements
  2. WIA Data Validation Desk Aid
12-12-WIA Designation/Re-Designation of Workforce Investment Areas and the Appeals Process
12-13-WIA WIA Local Board Policies
Revised April 2013
Revised Oct. 2013


1st Rev. Feb. 2013

2nd Rev. Feb.2013

 OJT-NEG Supplemental Project Guidelines (PDF)
 OJT NEG Supplemental Project Guidelines - 1st Revision, Feb. 2013
 OJT NEG Supplemental Project Guidelines - 2nd Revision, Feb. 2013
  1. OJT-NEG Supplemental File Checklist
  2. OJT-NEG Supplemental Review Questionnaire
13-03-WP EUC/REA Workforce Reemployment Services
  1. EUC-8 Notification
  2. EUC-REA Career & LMI Handout
  3. EUC-REA Work Search Plan
  4. A&A Eligibility Reference Sheet
  5. EUC-REA IVR Instructions
  6. EUC Financial Reporting
13-04-WP Governor's Summer Job Hunt 2013
  1. Local Plan Modification Signature Sheet
  2. Local Plan Modification Narrative
  3. Colorado Waiver Summary
  4. PY13 Expenditure Authorization Format
  5. Local Plan Modification Budget and Service Level
Revised May 2014
UI Pilot Project Guidelines - Revised May 13, 2014
  1. UI Pilot Project Guidelines
  2. Compliance File Monitoring Checklist - Revised May 13, 2014
  3. Compliance Monitoring Program Review Questionnaire
  4. Quarterly Reporting Template - New
13-07-WIA PY12 Data Validation Procedures
  1. Data Elements and Source Documentation
  2. Data Validation Desk Aid
Revised Dec. 2014
Flood Recovery Jobs Program
Flood Recovery Jobs Program - 1st Revision, Dec. 2014


  1. PY14 Local Plan Signature Sheet
  2. Local Plan Narrative - Revised April 22, 2014
  3. Waiver Chart
  4. Expenditure Authorization
  5. Budget and Service Level Chart
14-05-WIA Guidelines for Affidavit of Immigration Status
14-10-WIA PY13 Data Validation Procedures
  1. Source Documentation Requirements
  2. Data Validation Desk Aid
15-09-WIOA Individual Training Accounts for WIOA Title I Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs

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