Rescinded Policy Guidance Letters

Please Note: The Policy Guidance Letters (PGLs) listed below have been rescinded and are no longer valid policies. They have been provided for informational purposes only.

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ADM - Administrative Requirements

PGL# Subject Released Revised  Prior PGL #
ADM-2016-02 Flagged and Banned Customer System 2016-10-01    

ADM-2015-02, Change 1

Performance and Compliance Review Process

  1. WIOA and Wagner-Peyser Governance WFC Questionnaire
  2. WIOA and Wagner-Peyser Administration, Program, Grant, and Financial Management Systems Monitoring Guide
  3. WIOA and Wagner-Peyser Local Policy Monitoring Guide
  4. WIOA and Wagner-Peyser Performance Accountability Monitoring Guide
  5. Program WFC Questionnaires and File Review Monitoring Guides
  6. Required Local Policies and Documents
  7. Per-Client Expenditure Monitoring Procedures
  8. Risk Assessment Categories and Evaluation
  9. Definition of Key Monitoring Report Terms
  10. Annual Program and Compliance Review Calendar and Timeline


2015-03-20 2016-07-01 15-01-WIA

ES Complaint System

  1. Job Service Complaint System Logging Instructions
  2. ES Complaint System Log
  3. Service to Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers Report
  4. ES Complaint System Report
  5. Employment Service Complaint Referral Record
  6. Instructions for Completing Employment Service Complaint Referral Record
2009-06-03   09-06-P

FIN - Financial Requirements

PGL# Subject Released Revised  Prior PGL #
FIN-2016-02, Change 1


Eligible Providers of WIOA Title I Youth Program Elements

  1. Youth Service Provider Chart


2016-06-07 2016-10-07  
FIN-2016-01 Notice of Fund Availability (NFA) and Expenditure Authorization - (EA) Procedures 2016-04-01   FIN-2013-01


NFA and Expenditure Authorization Procedures

  1. Definitions/Instructions for completing EAs/Informal Modifications
  2. Expenditure Authorization Standard Template
  3. Informal EA Modification Form
  4. EA Processing Flow Chart
2013-11-22   13-08-P

WIA Youth Program - Procurement Requirements

  1. Youth Policy Statement
2000-10-16   00-25-Y1


GRT - Grants (Discretionary)

PGL# Subject Released Revised  Prior PGL #
GRT-2017-01 ApprenticeshipUSA State Expansion Grant 2017-05-11    
GRT-2016-03 Veterans’ Service-To-Career Pilot Program 2016-09-12    

PY15 WIOA Performance Incentive Fund Grants

  1. PY15 PIF Rating Scale for Areas 
  2. PY15 Local Plan Quarterly Report Template
GRT-2016-01, Change 1


Road to Work Program

  1. Monthly Reporting Template
  2. Quarterly Reporting Template
  3. Road to Work Monitoring Guide


2016-03-17 2016-10-17  

GRT-2015-02, Change 3

 Sector Partnership National Emergency Grant

       3. Project Planning and Tracking Document

2016-05-17 2017-06-06 15-14-NEG

PY14 Performance Incentive Fund Grants

  1. PY14 PIF Rating Scale for Regions
  2. PY14 Local Plan Quarterly Report Template
2014-11-25   14-09-WIA

MIS - Management Information Systems

PGL# Subject Released Revised  Prior PGL #


 PY14 Data Validation

  1. Data Elements Handbookfile type icon
  2. Data Validation Desk Aid
2015-11-30   15-17-WIA

Guidance on Data Integrity and the Customer Participation Cycle for WIA and TAA Programs

  1. Procedures for Enrolling/Exiting and Recording Services
  2. WIA Data Validation Desk Aids-Documentation Requirements
  3. Electronic Document Management
2015-03-25 2012-06-06 12-06-WIA

TAA - Trade Adjustment Assistance

PGL# Subject Released Revised  Prior PGL #

TAA Training Approval Guidelines

  1. TAA-610, TAA Program Technology Agreement 
2011 2015-03-26 11-13-TAA
TAA-2010-01 Guidance on Providing and Documenting Case Management Services to All TAA Participants 2010-08-20   10-15-TAA

VET - Veterans Programs

PGL# Subject Released Revised  Prior PGL #


Hilton HHonors Military Rewards Program

  1. Interview Letter Sample
  2. Room Reward Chart
  3. HHonors Military Rewards Program Referral Form
  4. Release and Information Exchange Form
2015-02-03   15-02-V
VET-2008-01 Referrals of Veterans to Federal Contractors 2008-12-29   08-20-V


WIOA - Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

PGL# Subject Released Revised  Prior PGL #
WIOA-2018-02 WIOA Title I Incumbent Worker Training 2017-02-16    
WIOA-2017-05 Registered Apprenticeships in WIOA 2017-05-11    
WIOA-2016-08 On-the-Job Training  2016-12-09 2017-01-06  

FY16/FY17 25% Enhanced Dislocated Worker Funding Requirements

  1. Allocations Chart
WIOA-2016-03 State Infrastructure Funding Formula 2016-06-01    
WIOA-2016-02, Change 1


WIOA One-Stop Partner Requirements and Access to Services: 

  1. Requirements for a Memorandum of Understanding under WIOA
  2. Memorandum of Understanding FAQs - Change 2


2016-03-24 2016-05-13  
WIOA-2015-09 Individual Training Accounts for WIOA Title I Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs 2015-12-16 2016-03-07 15-15-WIOA
WIOA-2015-07, Change 2 Priority of Service for Title I Adult Programs 2015-09-03 2017-06-12 15-12-WIOA
WIOA-2015-06, Change 4

Eligible Training Providers for WIOA Title I Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs

  1. Required Performance Data​
2015-08-31 2016-09-06 15-10-WIOA
WIOA-2015-05, Change 3

Eligibility for WIOA Title I Programs

1. WIOA Title I Adult Program Eligibility Requirements, Rev. Oct. 2016

2. WIOA Title I Dislocated Worker Program Eligibility Requirements, Rev. Dec. 2016

3. Youth Program Eligibility, rev. April 2017

4. WIOA Title I Discretionary Grant Eligibility Requirements, Rev. June 2016

11. TAN 12-1: Using UI Documents and Screens for Dislocated Worker Eligibility a. EUC-8 b. Notice of Decision c. CUBS 20 Screen

12. Samples of New Drivers’ Licenses and IDs

14. Youth in Poverty Interactive Map, Rev. August 2016

16. WIOA Eligibility Q&A, rev. April 2017

2015-07-28 2015-10-31 15-09-WIOA

PY15 Local Plan Guidance

  1. PY15 Local Plan Signature Sheer
  2. PY15 Local WIOA Transition Plan Narrative
  3. PY15 New Budget and Service Charts
2015-04-17   15-06-WIOA
WIOA-2015-02 One-Stop Certification Criteria 2015-04-01   15-05-WIOA

Local Area Designation and Appeals Process

  1. Performance Reporting Template
2015-04-01   15-04-WIOA

On-the-Job Training

  1. Sample OJT Contract
  2. Employer Pre-Award Checklist
  3. OJT Promising and Best Practices
  4. OJT Federal Regulation Requirements under WIA
2014-04-01 2016-12-06 14-03-WIA
WIOA/WIA-2014-02 Guidelines for Affidavit of Immigration Status 2014-04-16 2014-10-14 14-05-WIA

Rapid Response Policy Guidance - rev April 2015

  1. Layoff/WARN Field Descriptions and Guideline Questions
  2. Planning Meeting Outline
  3. Layoff Transition Workshop Outline
  4. Layoff Transition Workshop Sign-in Sheet
  5. Layoff Transition Onsite Workshop Evaluation Form
  6. Procedures for Scheduling a Virtual Workshop
  7. Smart Forms Desk Aid (contains live links to ten Rapid Response Smart Forms)
2013-12-16 2015-04-01 13-11-WIA

Incumbent Worker Training (IWT)

  1. TEGL 26-09
  2. TEGL 30-09
  3. Comparison Incumbent -v- Employed Worker
  4. Determining the Set Aside of Local Formula DW Funds
  5. EXAMPLE Quarterly Project Status Report
  6. Boulder County WFC  IWT Package (Foothills Energy Partnership)
  7. Instructions for Enrolling Exiting IWT Participants in local DW formula set-asides

WIA Work Experience Opportunities and Youth Incentives

  1. Work Experience Agreement MODEL
  2. Work Experience Time sheet MODEL
2010-03-02   10-03-WIA
WIOA/WIA-2002-01 Needs Related Payments for Adult and Dislocated Workers under WIA 2002-05-23   02-18-WIA
WIOA/WIA-2000-01 Supportive Services 2000-07-01   00-11-WIA1


WP - Wagner-Peyser Employment Services


PGL# Subject Released Revised  Prior PGL #

Virtual Job Shadow 

  1. Virtual Job Shadow User Account Set-Up

Unemployment Insurance Claimant

  1. Attachment 1
2002-02-25 2016-09-21  
WP-2008-01 Guidelines Regarding the Approval of Web Employers 2008-02-27   08-03-WP

Regular Approved Training Requests 

  1. B643 Regular Approved Training Authorization Form
2011-11-29 2013-02-25 11-14-P

Guidance Regarding Job Orders and Business Services

  1. Notice #1 for Employers
  2. Notice #2 for Employers
  3. Notice #3 for Job Seekers
2012-12-05   12-11-WP