Rescinded Policy Guidance Letters

Please Note: The Policy Guidance Letters (PGLs) listed below have been rescinded and are no longer valid policies. They have been provided for informational purposes only.

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ADM - Administrative Requirements

PGL# Subject Released Revised  Prior PGL #


Performance and Compliance Review Process

  1. WIA/Wagner-Peyser Governance
  2. WIA/Wagner-Peyser Administration, Program, Grant & Financial Management Systems
  3. WIA/Wagner-Peyser Local Policy Guide
  4. WIA/Wagner-Peyser Performance Accountability
  5. Program and File Review Guidelines:
  6. Required Local Policies and Documents
  7. Per-Client Expenditure Monitoring Procedures
  8. Risk Assessment Categories and Evaluation
  9. Annual Program/Compliance Review Timeline

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2015-03-20   15-01-WIA

FIN - Financial Requirements

PGL# Subject Released Revised  Prior PGL #

Competitive Selection of WIOA-Eligible Title I Youth Providers

  1. Youth Service Provider Chart
FIN-2016-01 Notice of Fund Availability (NFA) and Expenditure Authorization - (EA) Procedures 2016-04-01   FIN-2013-01


NFA and Expenditure Authorization Procedures

  1. Definitions/Instructions for completing EAs/Informal Modifications
  2. Expenditure Authorization Standard Template
  3. Informal EA Modification Form
  4. EA Processing Flow Chart
2013-11-22   13-08-P

WIA Youth Program - Procurement Requirements

  1. Youth Policy Statement
2000-10-16   00-25-Y1


GRT - Grants (Discretionary)

PGL# Subject Released Revised  Prior PGL #

Road to Work Program

  1. Monthly Reporting Template
  2. Quarterly Reporting Template


Sector Partnership National Emergency Grant

  1. Monthly Reporting Template
2015-10-14   15-14-NEG

PY14 Performance Incentive Fund Grants

  1. PY14 PIF Rating Scale for Regions
  2. PY14 Local Plan Quarterly Report Template
2014-11-25   14-09-WIA


VET - Veterans Programs

PGL# Subject Released Revised  Prior PGL #


Hilton HHonors Military Rewards Program

  1. Interview Letter Sample
  2. Room Reward Chart
  3. HHonors Military Rewards Program Referral Form
  4. Release and Information Exchange Form
2015-02-03   15-02-V


WIOA - Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

PGL# Subject Released Revised  Prior PGL #

WIOA One-Stop Partner Requirements and Access to Services

  2. Memorandum of Understanding FAQs
WIOA-2015-09 Individual Training Accounts for WIOA Title I Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs 2015-12-16 2016-03-07 15-15-WIOA

Eligible Training Providers for WIOA Title I Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs

  1. Required Performance Data​
2015-08-31 2016-09-06 15-10-WIOA

WIOA Eligibility for Title I Programs

1. WIOA Title I Adult Program Eligibility Requirements

2. WIOA Title I Dislocated Worker Program Eligibility Requirements

3. WIOA Title I Youth Program Eligibility Requirements

4. WIOA Title I Discretionary Grant Eligibility Requirements

12. Samples of New Drivers’ Licenses and IDs

14. Youth in Poverty Interactive Map

16. WIOA Eligibility Q&A


2015-07-28 2015-08-15 15-09-WIOA
WIOA-2015-02 One-Stop Certification Criteria 2015-04-01   15-05-WIOA
WIOA/WIA-2014-02 Guidelines for Affidavit of Immigration Status 2014-04-16 2014-10-14 14-05-WIA


WP - Wagner-Peyser Employment Services


PGL# Subject Released Revised  Prior PGL #

Unemployment Insurance Claimant

  1. Attachment 1
2002-02-25 2016-09-21  
WP-2008-01 Guidelines Regarding the Approval of Web Employers 2008-02-27   08-03-WP

Regular Approved Training Requests 

  1. B643 Regular Approved Training Authorization Form
2011-11-29 2013-02-25 11-14-P

Guidance Regarding Job Orders and Business Services

  1. Notice #1 for Employers
  2. Notice #2 for Employers
  3. Notice #3 for Job Seekers
2012-12-05   12-11-WP