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Accredited Providers

Per statute, MDs, DOs, chiropractors, dentists, podiatrists, PAs, and NPs with prescriptive authority can be Level I Accredited, while Level II Accreditation pertains only to MDs and DOs. Level II Accredited providers have obtained either full or limited accreditation.

To obtain a list of National Provider Identifiers (NPI) for Level I accredited PAs and NPs,​ please click here.

Accredited Provider Directory  

Division-trained Providers

These providers have taken the Level I Accreditation course but are not eligible (per statue) for accreditation.

Division-trained Providers

Quality Performance and Outcomes Payments (QPOP) Certified Providers

QPOP certification allows providers to bill for documenting a patient’s functional progress, which includes providing a functional assessment and psychological screen.

QPOP Certified Providers Directory 

To view a list of all providers whose accreditation has been revoked, please click here.

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