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Level I Accreditation

Upcoming Seminar: September 11, 2020 – The Lowry Conference Center, 1061 Akron Way, Denver, CO 80230 (Out of an abundance of caution related to COVID-19, the Level I Accreditation seminar has been canceled. Please select the online course option when registering for this course.)

This course is available to all medical providers, though Level I Accreditation may only be awarded to MDs, DOs, chiropractors, dentists, podiatrists, PAs, and NPs with prescriptive authority. The course can be taken online year-round or by attending a live seminar.

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Quality Performance and Outcomes Payments (QPOP)

The QPOP online course is available throughout the year or a presentation with testing may be requested for large groups.

Certification is available to all medical providers who have previously completed the Level I or Level II Accreditation Course. QPOP certification allows providers to bill for documenting a patient’s functional progress, which includes providing a functional assessment and psychological screen. View QPOP Division approved tests.

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