Policy Guidance Letters (PGLs)

Policy Guidance Letters (PGLs) provide guidance to local workforce boards, local workforce areas, and One-Stop centers to implement rules and regulations on the following topics:

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ADM - Administrative Requirements

PGL# Subject Released Revised  Prior PGL #
  1.  WIOA Section 188 Guide
ADM-2019-07  Internal and Sub-Recipient Monitoring 2019-10-14    


Change 2

  1. WIOA and Wagner-Peyser Performance Improvement and Governance WFC Interview Template

  2. WIOA Local Workforce Development Board Monitoring Guide
  3. WIOA and Wagner-Peyser Administration, Program, Grant, and Financial Management  Systems Monitoring Guide, Rev. 7/2020
  4. WIOA and Wagner-Peyser Local Policy Monitoring Guide, Rev. 7/2020
  5. WIOA and Wagner-Peyser Performance Accountability Monitoring Guide
  6. Program WFC Interview Templates and File Review Monitoring Guides -
  7. Required Local Policies and Documents,Rev. 7/2020
  8. Per-Client Expenditure Monitoring Procedures
  9. Risk Assessment Categories and Evaluation
  10. Definition of Key Monitoring Report Terms
2019-07-15 2020-07-16  
ADM-2019-05   Language Assistance Plan Development  2019-04-29    
ADM-2019-04 Affirmative Outreach

 Equal Opportunity Sanctions

  1. Recommended Method for Calculating Adverse Impact
ADM-2019-02  Equal Opportunity Assurances 2019-02-22    

Processing Discrimination Complaints

  1. Complaint Form - English
  2. Complaint Form - Spanish
  3. Complaint Log





 Employment Service Complaint System

  1. ETA-8429: Complaint/Apparent Violation Form
  2. ETA-8429: Complaint/Apparent Violation Form - Instructions 
  3. ES Complaint System Logging Instructions and Log
  4. ETA-5148, Part I: Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers Report
  5. ETA-5148, Part I: Instructions for Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Report
  6. ETA-5148, Part III: Employment Service Complaint System Report
  7. ETA-5148, Part III: Instructions for ES Complaint System Report
ADM-2016-02, Change 2  Flagged and Banned Customer System
  1. Restricted Flag Template Letter
  2. Ban Template Letter
  3. Statewide Ban Template Letter
2016-10-01 2020-01-30  
ADM-2016-01, Change 1

Discretionary Grant Management and Accountability

  1. Elements of a Technical Assistance Plan
  2. Elements of a Performance Improvement Plan

ADM-2015-01, Change 1

WIOA Complaint Procedures​

2015-01-07 2018-08-16 14-11-WIA

FIN - Financial Requirements

PGL# Subject Released Revised  Prior PGL #

Subrecipient Financial Procedures

  1. CDLE Subrecipient Financial Procedures
  2. Closeout Document Package
  3. CLEAR Upload Template Sample

Workforce Development Programs Funding Allocations

  1. Sample NFA and Related Procedures
  2. Sample NFR and Related Procedures
  3. Sample Workplan and Related Procedures
  4. Sample Workbook and Related Procedures
  5. Google Drive Procedures

Property Management

  1. Definitions and Forms

MOU and Cost Allocation Guidelines

  1. Cost Allocation Guidelines
FIN-2019-04 Debt Collection 3-15-2019    
FIN-2019-03 Reporting Obligations and Accrued Expenditures 3-15-2019    
FIN-2019-02  Reallocation of WIOA Formula Funds 3-15-2019    
FIN-2019-01, Change 1

Advertising and Outreach

  1. Excerpts from Federal Guidance
  2. USDOL Financial Management Bulletin
  3. Decision Tree Model
  4. Questions and Answers
2019-03-15 2020-02-01  
FIN-2016-02, Change 2

Eligible Providers of WIOA Title I Youth Program Elements

  1. Youth Service Provider Chart


2016-06-07 2017-07-31  


Change 1

Audit and Debt Collection Procedures           

 1. Audit Procedures 


GEN - General

PGL# Subject Released Revised  Prior PGL #

Policy Guidance Letter Format

  1. Policy Guidance Letter (PGL) Template


America's Workforce Network Toll-Free Help Line and America's Service Locator

  1. ASL Data Template
  2. TEGL 8-00
  3. TEGL 8-00 Change 1
2001-08-10   01-17-WIA1

GRT - Grants (Discretionary)

PGL# Subject Released Revised  Prior PGL #
GRT-2020-02 COResponds Grant 2020-07-02    
GRT-2020-01 RecoverCO Grant 2020-07-02    

 PY19 WIOA Performance Incentive Fund Grants

  1. PY19 PIF Rating Scale for Areas
  2. PY19 Local Plan Report Template
  3. CO High Performing Local Workforce Development Board Rubric
  4. CO High Performing Local Workforce Development Board Application Guidelines
  5. Best Practice Action Form

GRT-2018-04 PY18 WIOA Performance Incentive Fund Grants

  1. PY18 PIF Rating Scale for Areas
  2. PY18 Local Plan Report Template
  3. CO High Performing Local Workforce Development Board Rubric
  4. CO High Performing Local Workforce Development Board Application Guidelines
  5.  Best Practice Template
GRT-2018-03 CW STEP Referral, Enrollment, and Placement  2018-10-29    
GRT-2018-02 CW STEP Supportive Services  2018-10-29    
GRT-2018-01 Change 1

 Disability Employment Initiative Grant

  1. Quarterly Narrative Report Template
2018-03-05 2019-04-24  
GRT-2017-01, Change 5

State Apprenticeship Expansion Grant

  1. SAE Report Template
  2.  Outreach Scan
  3. SAE FAQ - March 2019
  4. On-the-Job Learning FAQ – October 2019
  5. File Review Monitoring Guide 
  6. Apprenticeship Data Entry Desk Aid
  7. Employer Attestation Letter Template
2017-05-11 2020-06-02  
GRT-2016-03, Change 3

Veterans’ Service-To-Career Program

  1. Evaluation and Reporting Elements
2016-09-12 2019-12-02  

MIS - Management Information Systems

PGL# Subject Released Revised  Prior PGL #

MIS-2017-01 Change 1

2017-10-23 2018-12-01  

PY15 Data Validation Procedures

  1. Data Elements and Source Documentation
  2. Data Validation Desk Aid
MIS-2016-01 Statewide Job Seeker Customer Satisfaction Survey 2016-08-22    

 Applicant Ethnicity and Race

2015-06-15   15-08-WIA
MIS-2011-02 Accuracy and Reliability of Vets 200 Reports - Agent IDs 2011-08-23   11-12-V
MIS-2011-01 Cleanup of WIA Exit Data 2011-08-16   11-11-WIA
MIS-2002-01 Employment Services & VETS Performance Standards 2002-10-28   02-34-P
MIS-2000-01 Release of Information/Confidentiality 2000-05-04   00-10-L1
MIS-1999-01 Data Security​ 1999-02-19   99-05-M2
MIS-1998-01 Data Access Regarding User IDs 1998-02-26   98-02-M1

TAA - Trade Adjustment Assistance

PGL# Subject Released Revised  Prior PGL #
TAA 2020-01

TAA Co-enrollment with WIOA Title I Programs

  1. TAA Co-enrollment Desk Aid
  2. TAA Co-enrollment Assessment Form


TAA-2018-01  TAA Retakes and Credentials  2018-03-21    
TAA-2016-01 TAA Case Management Services and Waivers 2016-12-19    

TAA-2011-02, Change 1

 Approving Job Search and Relocation Allowances for Participants served under TAARA 2015

2011-12-20 2018-03-07 11-20-TAA
TAA-2011-01, Change 3

TAA Training Approval Guidelines

  1. TAA-610, TAA Program Technology Agreement 
2011 2016-11-21 11-13-TAA

Placement/Assessment Testing; Training at Non-Accredited Providers

  1. List of Accrediting Agencies
2002-07-01   02-23-TN

VET - Veterans Programs

PGL# Subject Released Revised  Prior PGL #

Jobs for Veterans State Grant State Staff Roles

  1. Veterans Triage Form
  2. Title 38 Definitions
  3. Additional Populations Eligible for DVOP Services
  4. Veteran Triage Diagram

Priority of Service for Veterans and Eligible Spouses

  1. Meeting Veterans Priority of Service Standards for WIOA Programs
  2. JVSG Audit Tool

VET-2015-01, Change 2

Hilton Honors Military Rewards Program

  1. Interview Letter Sample
  2. HHonors Military Rewards Program Referral Form - Rev. March 2018
  3. Release and Information Exchange Form - Rev. March 2018
2015-02-03 2018-03-05 15-02-V
VET-2014-01 Functional Supervision of Veterans Program Staff 2014-01-13   14-01-P

Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (VR&E) Requirements

  1. Chapter 1 Veteran Referral Process Flow
2011-04-13   11-07-V

Veterans Performance Incentives Awards

  1. FY06 Distinguished Award Form
  2. FY06 Spot Award Form
  3. fw9
2004-11-03   04-16-V

WIOA - Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

PGL# Subject Released Revised  Prior PGL #
WIOA-2020-05, Change 1

 COVID-19 Emergency Policy Relief 

  1. COVID-19 Virus WIOA Title I Self-Attestation Form
  2. CV Marker Code Guidance (new)
  3. FAQs for COVID-19 as of May 15, 2020 (new)
2020-04-01 2020-06-10  

One-Stop Certification Criteria 

 1. One-Stop Certification Submission Requirements

WIOA-2020-03  Rapid Response Policy Guidance 2020-04-10    
WIOA-2020-02 Local Workforce Board Certification 2020-02-10    


Change 1

PY20-23 Regional and Local Plans 

  1. Regional/Local Plan Narrative Signature Sheet
  2. Regional/Local Plan Narrative Template
  3. Local Area Compliance Plan Signature Sheet
  4. Local Area Compliance Plan and Required Documents, rev. March 2020
  5. OMB Risk Assessment Questionnaire


2020-02-03 2020-03-20  

WIOA Title I Transitional Jobs

  1. Transitional Jobs Procedures
WIOA-2019-03 WIOA Planning Region Update Process 2019-10-02    

WIOA-2019-02 Change 1 

WIOA Title I Credential Attainment Measure

  1. Procedures for Documenting Credential Attainment in Connecting Colorado
  2. Resource List of Acceptable Recognized Credentials
2019-09-11 2020-02-28  

Title I Customized Training

  1. Customized Training Procedures
WIOA-2018-04 Change 1
  1. Procedures Overview for Documenting Measurable Skill Gains in Connecting Colorado (rev. Oct 2018)
  2. Detailed Procedures for Documenting Measurable Skill Gains in Connecting Colorado
  3. NRS Test Benchmarks
2018-05-18 2018-10-8  
WIOA-2018-02, Change 1
  1. Sample Work Experience Worksite Guide
  2. Sample Work Experience Agreement
  3. Sample Work Experience Time Sheet
  4. WIOA Title I 20% Youth Work Experience Expenditure Requirement
  5. Work Experience Contract Requirements
2018-02-15 2019-08-06  
WIOA-2018-01 2018-03-05    
WIOA-2017-13 2017-12-20    
WIOA-2017-12, Change 2   WIOA Title I Youth Incentive Payments 2017-12-20 2019-8-27  
WIOA-2017-11   WIOA Title I Supportive Services 2017-12-20    
WIOA-2017-09 Change 1

One Stop Operator Requirements

  1. One-Stop Operator Overview
  2. One-Stop Operator Checklist
  3. WIOA One-Stop Operator Regulations Side-by-Side (Draft and Final)
  4. Key USDOL Responses to Comments on the One-Stop Operator Regulations
2017-8-10 2020-03-02  
WIOA-2017-08 Approval of Local Boards as One-Stop Operators 2017-06-01    

Local Negotiations on Infrastructure Funding 

  1. Infrastructure Negotiations Workbook Template
WIOA-2017-05, Change 1

Registered Apprenticeships in WIOA

  1. Federal Registered Apprenticeship Criteria and Standards
  2. Making Registered Apprenticeship Work for the Public Workforce System
2017-05-11 2017-10-10  

WIOA Program Evaluation

  1. Basic Definitions of Common Evaluation Terms
  2. Evaluation Plan Workbook Excerpt
  3. Evaluability Assessment Checklist
  4. Logic Model Workbook Excerpt
  5. Tool Selector
WIOA-2017-02, Change 1

WIOA Incumbent Worker Training 

  1.  Incumbent Worker Data Elements
2017-02-16 2017-09-20  

Transfer of Funds Between Adult and Dislocated Worker Allocations

  1. Approval Process
WIOA-2016-08, Change 1

On-the-Job Training

  1. Sample Pre-Award Review Checklist 
  2. Sample OJT Contract
2016-12-06 2017-01-06  
WIOA-2016-07 Local Boards as Providers of Career Services 2016-11-23    
WIOA-2016-03, Change 1

WIOA State Infrastructure Funding Formula

  1. State Formula Steps
  2. Program Caps
  3. Statewide Formula Determining Factor
2016-06-01 2017-05-02  
WIOA-2016-02, Change 2 WIOA One-Stop Partner Requirements and Access to Services​


2016-03-24 2017-05-11  

WIOA-2015-09, Change 2

Individual Training Accounts for WIOA Title I Programs​

2015-12-17 2018-10-01 15-15-WIOA
WIOA-2015-07, Change 3 Priority of Service for Title I Adult Programs 2015-09-03 2017-07-28 15-12-WIOA
WIOA-2015-06, Change 6

Eligible Training Providers for WIOA Title I Adult and Dislocated Worker Programs

  1. Required Performance Data​


2015-08-31 2020-05-31 15-10-WIOA

WIOA-2015-05, Change4

WIOA TItle I Eligibility Guidelines

  1. Adult Program Eligibility, rev. April 2017
  2. Dislocated Worker Program Eligibility, rev. April 2017
  3. WIOA Youth Program Eligibility, rev. April 2020
  4. WIOA Grants Eligibility, rev. April 2017
  5. TEGL 22-04 - Serving Military Service Members and Military Spouses under the WIA Dislocated Worker Formula Grant
  6. TEGL 22-04, change 1 - Serving Military Service Members and Military Spouses under the WIA Dislocated Worker Formula Grant
  7. TEGL 5-08, Policy for Collection and Use of Workforce System Participants’ Social Security Numbers (November 13, 2008)
  8. TEGL 11-11, Change 2 – Selective Service Registration Requirements for Employment and Training Programs (May 16, 2012)
  9. TEGL 09-12, Services to Victims of Human Trafficking (October 24, 2012)
  10. TEGL 02-14, Eligibility of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Participants for WIA and Wagner-Peyser
  11. Using UI Notifications and Screens, rev. April 2017
  12. Samples of New Drivers’ Licenses and IDs, Rev. June 2016
  13. Connecting Colorado Supply and Demand Report for DW Eligibility
  14. Youth in Poverty Interactive Map, Rev. Oct. 2016
  15. Example Documentation for Spouses of Active Military Members
  16. WIOA TItle I Eligibility Q&A, rev. Nov 2017
2015-07-28 2017-11-17 15-09-WIOA
WIOA-2015-04 Local Workforce Development Board Policies 2015-07-28   15-07-WIOA
WIOA-2015-01, Change 2

Local Area Designation

  1. Performance Reporting Template
2015-04-01 2018-11-15 15-04-WIOA
WIOA/WIA-2014-02, Change 3

Guidelines for Affidavit of Immigration Status, Rev. June 2016

  1. Affidavit - English Version - Revised September 2015
  2. Affidavit - Spanish version
  3. SAVE Guide
2014-04-16 2016-06-21 14-05-WIA
WIOA/WIA-2003-01 Rapid Response Layoff Reserve Funds 2003-10-08   03-18-WIA

WP - Wagner-Peyser Employment Services

PGL# Subject Released Revised  Prior PGL #
WP-2019-01 Serving Job Seekers and Employers in the Hemp Industry 2019-10-18    

WP-2017-01 Post-Secondary Education and Training Resources for UI Claimants and Other Unemployed Workers

  1. Financial Aid Toolkit

Virtual Job Shadow 

  1. Virtual Job Shadow User Account Set-Up
2016-09-01 2017-05-17  
WP-2016-05 UI Claimant and Workforce Reemployment Services 2016-09-21    
WP-2016-04, Change 4

A Comprehensive Approach to Business Services

  1. Core Business Services Guide
  2. Employer Verification in Connecting Colorado Guide
  3. Job Orders Guide
  4. Allowable Career Services for Employers under WIOA Final Rule
  5. Fraudulent Employer Intrusion in Connecting Colorado Procedure
2016-10-10 2020-06-24  

Unemployment Insurance Chat Initiative 

  1. Instructions for Installing the UI Chat Shortcut 
  2. Triage Flowchart for Workforce Centers
WP-2016-02, Change 3

RESEA Guidance

  1. RESEA Procedures, rev 7-1-2019
  2. RESEA Notification Letter, rev. 7-1-2019
  3. RESEA IRP and Eligibility Assessment, rev. 7-1-2019
  4. RESEA Monitoring Tool, rev. 7-1-2019
2019-02-01 2019-07-01  

Veterans Enhanced Job Contacts Pilot Initiative

  1. UCX Initial Letter
  2. UCX Pilot Project Follow-up email
  3. UCX Work Search Log


Links to Reemployment

  1. Workforce System Proceduresfile type icon
  2. UI Division Proceduresfile type icon
  3. Orientation Letter - Form UIW-1file type icon
  4. Recording Services in Connecting Coloradofile type icon
  5. Labor Market and Career Information Resources
2015-10-16   15-16-WP

Governor's Summer Job Hunt 2014

  1. GSJF Youth Registration Goals for 2014
2014-02-12   14-02-WP

Virtual Job Fairs

  1. Tracking VJF Participants in Connecting Colorado
2013-11-25   13-09-WP

MSFW Program Funding Guidelines

  1. MSFW Full Registration Monitoring Tool
2013-01-03   13-01-WP
WP-2011-02, Change-2

Regular Approved Training Requests 

  1. B643 Regular Approved Training Authorization Form - Revised June 2016 
2011-11-29 2016-06-13 11-14-P
WP-2011-01, Change-3

H-2A Foreign Labor Certification Guidelines

Temporary Virtual Housing Inspection Toolkit for NEW unit inspections:

Temporary Virtual Housing Inspection Toolkit for units that have been PREVIOUSLY inspected:

2011-03-01 2020-05-11 11-04-WP
WP-2009-01 Annual Outreach Plans for Significant Offices Re: Migrant Seasonal Outreach 2009-06-02   09-05-P

Employment Eligibility Verification Required for Temporary H-2A & H-2B Referrals

  1. Form I-9
2008-08-06   08-08-P

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