Pay Premiums / Report Wages

Your premium and wage reports are due quarterly.

  • April 30: Quarter 1 reports are due for wages paid in January, February, March.
  • July 31: Quarter 2 reports are due for wages paid in April, May, June.
  • October 31: Quarter 3 reports are due for wages paid in July, August, September.
  • January 31: Quarter 4 reports are due for wages paid in October, November, December.

Report your wages online or via FTP.  As of September 14, 2018, we began the process of moving all employers to electronic methods of filing wage reports. If you are still filing wage reports by paper, you will need to take steps to file your wage reports online or by FTP.  


File both Wage and Premium Reports, pay premiums, and view your account status, balances and rates through MyUI Employer.

Go Paperless

Stop receiving paper wage and premium report forms by signing up for electronic email notifications.

Go Paperless 


You may file your quarterly wage reports via FTP.  

We currently still accept your premiums and wage reports by mail as well. This is mailed quarterly to the address we have on file. If you currently file online, give us a call and we will suspend the paper mailings: 303-318-9100.

Reporting Adjustments

To adjust information that was previously submitted on the Premium Report and/or the Report of Workers Wages use the following forms:

Unemployment Insurance Quarterly-Report Adjustment, UITR-3
Multiple Quarter Adjustment of Workers' Wages, UITR-6a
Social Security Number Corrections, UITR-6c

Types of Payments that Constitute Wages

Review our chart to assist you with what types of payments are considered wages under Colorado unemployment law. Chart>

Wages in Multiple States

Colorado’s unemployment law provides guidelines for deciding where to report multi-state workers. Find out more.

Premiums Calculator

The Premiums Calculator may save you time and hassle and help ensure you pay the correct amount of unemployment insurance premiums.

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