Online Job Search

Be sure to do a little research first when starting your search for jobs online. Consider the following:

  1. Research the industry you want a job in and know the keywords you should be searching for so you can find the job that meets your qualifications.
  2. Take a skills assessment test with your local workforce center.
  3. Review the salary ranges, industry outlook and expectations using a career assessment tool like LMI Gateway.

Job Search Engines

There are a variety of job-search engines and databases available to view job listings or post your resume. We encourage you to register with the state job-search engine Connecting Colorado, the official state run website which provides secure access to job seekers wishing to perform self-directed job searches, post résumés, and view employer contact information for jobs. Connecting Colorado also serves as an online source for UI customers to register through a Workforce Center. 

Register with Connecting Colorado

There are many different job-search engines available. Protect yourself; many job-search sites may require a registration, but be weary of job listings or postings where the employer is asking for funds or personal information in advance.