Getting Started


1) Seek emergency care, if necessary

If an emergency, get medical treatment at the closest hospital immediately.

2) Notify your employer in writing

Report your injury to your employer in writing within four working days of your injury.

3) Seek medical treatment

In non-emergency situations, select one provider from the Designated Provider List given to you by your employer.

4) File a claim

File a Workers’ Claim for Compensation (WC 15) within two years of your injury.

5) Claim liability

Respondents file a General Admission or denial by a Notice of Contest after receiving notice of an injury involving lost time, permanency, a fatality, or an occupational disease within 20 days from when the claim is filed with the Division. 

*The next steps depend on whether the respondents file an admission or denial. For a review of the claims process, please view our Injured Worker Guide or call 303-318-8700 or 1-888-390-7936 (Toll-Free).*

Notify Your Employer in Writing

Within four working days of your injury, you must let your employer know about the injury. This must be done in writing. If you were injured more than four days ago, you should still notify your employer in writing as soon as possible. 

Seek Medical Treatment

Which Doctor Should You See? 

Your employer must give you a list of up to four doctors or clinics. This is known as a “designated provider list." You must choose to see one of the providers on the list. If your employer does not provide you the written list within seven business days of you notifying your employer about your injury, you may choose your own doctor. If you receive the written list, you should keep a copy of the list along with any other claim related documents.  

What is an Authorized Treating Physician?

An Authorized Treating Physician (ATP) is the doctor you have chosen from the designated provider list given to you by your employer when reporting the accident. 

Appointments During Work Hours

You are encouraged to work with your employer to find the best time to schedule your appointments. If you miss time from work due to appointments, keep track of your hours. You can submit the hours you missed from work to your adjuster as you may be entitled to lost wage benefits for time missed from work to attend medical appointments.

Visits With Other Healthcare Providers

One of your first three visits at the ATP's office must be with the ATP. Your ATP may refer you to other doctors or specialists. Although you may be seen by another specialist, the supervising doctor will review and be responsible for your treatment. 

File a Claim

You should also report your injury directly to the Division of Workers’ Compensation by filing a Workers’ Claim for Compensation form (WC 15). Filing this form may protect some of your rights. Once you have completed the form, mail or deliver two copies of the form to the Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation, Customer Service Unit at 633 17th St., Suite 400, Denver, CO 80202-3626.

Claim Liability - Admissions and Denials

Billing for Medical Services 

If your claim has not been denied, immediately send the bills and your claim number to your adjuster. Keep a copy for your records. If you have received a Notice of Contest form for further investigation, this means that respondents have not accepted liability for the claim until they can investigate. They may authorize and pay for treatment until their investigation is complete. 


Unless your claim has been denied by the respondents by sending you a Notice of Contest, you should not receive medical bills or "balance due" statements from any doctor. If your claim is denied, it is important to communicate with your adjuster to see if they are denying your medical treatment, or if they have not completed their investigation of your claim. 

If the respondents deny your claim, you have the right to file an Application for Expedited Hearing or Application for Hearing with the Office of Administrative Courts. You may obtain these forms from the OAC website at Contact the Division's customer service at 303-318-8700 or 1-888-390-7936 for directions if you want to file for a hearing. You must file a Workers’ Claim for Compensation form (WC 15) within two years from your date of injury.  

If your claim is denied, you will be responsible for all medical bills associated with the injury, but your private health insurance company may cover the medical costs. If you intend to pursue your claim further, you should advise your doctor that it is work related but under dispute.

The Final Admission

A Final Admission of Liability tells all parties that your active treatment has ended, if you have any impairment, what has been paid so far, and whether you require any maintenance medical treatment. 

If you disagree with any part of the Final Admission, you must file an objection within 30 days of the date of the admission using the form (WC 4). If you disagree with the date of MMI and/or impairment rating, you must object to the Final Admission and request a DIME within 30 days of the date of the admission.

If your objection to the Final Admission is for any issue other than MMI or the impairment rating, you must file the objection form (WC 4) and file an Application for Hearing within 30 days of the date the Final Admission was mailed to you. The Application for Hearing form may be downloaded from

► Remember to keep all documents related to your claim

Colorado Uninsured Employer Fund

The Colorado Uninsured Employer (CUE) Fund exists to provide financial assistance to individuals injured while working for employers who did not carry workers’ compensation insurance. Please click here for more information, including how to apply. 

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