Surcharge Collection

Surcharge is a levy on workers' compensation premiums paid by insurers who underwrite workers' compensation insurance coverage in Colorado and employers who are authorized to self-insure. Funds generated by the surcharge are used by the Division of Workers' Compensation to offset the costs of administering the system.

Surcharge is collected bi-annually from insurers, though self-insured employers are excluded from paying PCC surcharge since they are required to include cost containment (workplace safety) practices as part of their eligibility to self-insure.

For more information on surcharge collection, please contact the Division's surcharge officer Iliana Gallegos at 303-318-8767, or via email at

Calculate, File & Pay Surcharge button

Calculate and save filing information for up to 30 days with the Division's free surcharge calculator and payment engine. Benefits to using the calculator include:

  • Electronic filing report with automatic calculating features, thereby eliminating unnecessary errors
  • Attestation checkbox instead of obtaining a notary and signatures 
  • Option of electronic check transfer or credit card payment
  • Confirmation of payment to ensure timely receipt and proof of compliance
  • Confirmation upon completion of the required report for filers who do not owe surcharge

Step-by-Step Instructions for Online Filing


Filing & Payment Deadlines

Assessment Period Surcharge Rate  Filing and Payment Deadline
07/1/2019 - 12/31/2019 1.45 1/31/2020
01/1/2020 - 06/30/2020 1.45 7/31/2020


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