Online Filing of First Reports

Welcome to the Colorado Workers' Compensation Web Electronic Filing Application. This application allows you to file an Employers First Report of Injury and a Notice of Contest via the Internet.

In an effort to assist Claims Administrators with the requirement to file First Reports of Injury and Notices of Contest electronically, this web-based solution will aid in the process. We have designed the system to be as easy to use and as error free as possible. An added benefit, this application will provide Claims Administrators a mechanism to track, fix and resubmit filings that have rejected without re-keying previously submitted information.

The instructions contain valuable information that will lead to successful electronic submission. Navigation throughout the application is self explanatory and you cannot exit screens until all mandatory fields are filled. There is a final summary screen where you can make changes prior to submitting the information and once the screen is submitted, you will be able to print a report that is easy to read.

Any filings you submit will run overnight and you can enter the system the next day to receive acknowledgments. If a filing is rejected you will receive an error message and can fix the problem and resubmit. If a FROI is successfully filed you will receive a workers' compensation number.

If you are a Claims Administrator submitting a significant number of reports to the Division, you may wish to consider an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) format. 

Getting Started with Online Filing of First Reports