Claims adjusting in the Colorado workers’ compensation system requires extensive knowledge of and compliance with all statute and rule requirements governing the handling of claims. It is the first point at which the facts of a claim are reviewed in light of thresholds established by law. Reviewing all available information, the adjuster must timely state a position and either assign liability to its insurer, or deny liability for the payment of benefits in the first instance.  

Important Rules of Procedure

Rule 4     Carrier Compliance
Rule 5     Claims Adjusting Requirements   
Rule 6     Modifications, Termination or Suspension of Temporary Disability Benefits   
Rule 7     Closures of Claims, Approval of Settlement Agreements and Petitions to Reopen 
Rule 8     Authorized Treating Physician    
Rule 9     Division of Workers' Compensation Dispute Resolution   
Rule 10   Medical Utilization Review    
Rule 11   Division Independent Medical Examinations    
Rule 16   Utilization Standards    
Rule 17   Medical Treatment Guidelines
Rule 18   Medical Fee Schedule    

Adjuster's Guide

The Adjuster’s Guide was developed by the Division of Workers' Compensation as an informational tool for claims adjusting in Colorado. Generally, the information pertains to claims with dates of injury on or after July 1, 1991, when significant reform legislation was signed into law. The Workers’ Compensation Act of Colorado can be accessed through our website or a copy may be obtained from Customer Service. If this Guide does not answer a specific question or if you would like to scheduel tailored training to meet the specific needs of your organization, contact us at 303-318-8700.

Benefit Calculator

These calculators can assist your through the claims adjustment process. More>

Exit Survey of Injured Workers

Insurers are required to conduct an exit survey of injured workers, or if deceased, the decedent’s dependents upon closure of a claim. This applies to all claims that close on or after July 1, 2010. In accordance with the referenced legislation, the survey was developed by the Director with input from insurers for the least administrative burden possible. The results of the survey must be reported to the Division annually.  

Online Filing Information

Send in first reports and subsequent injuries online and access trading partner forms.

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Claimant Brochure

At the time a position statement is mailed, the insurer must provide the claimant with a copy of the Claimant Brochure describing the claims process and informing the claimant of his or her rights.  

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