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Emergency Rules (Effective 6/15/2020)

  • Colorado Division of Workers' Compensation Emergency Rules (PDF)

The Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act

Laws governing workers’ compensation were enacted in Colorado as a form of no-fault insurance in 1915.  It was an evolutionary move which began during the Industrial Revolution in the U.S. as mechanization brought an increase in work-related injuries. The intent was to provide a remedy that would balance the interests of the worker by providing adequate medical and wage replacement benefits, while setting limits to liability and establishing cost predictability for the employer.
In the almost 100 years that followed, benefits have been modified to mirror wage increases while reform legislation addressed increased litigation, dispute resolution backlogs, the resultant premium impact and the need for cost containment to ensure the state’s ability to attract new and maintain existing business.  Even so, the original language and intent of the statute “to assure the quick and efficient delivery of disability and medical benefits to injured workers at a reasonable cost to employers” remains amazingly intact.

Rules of Procedure

It is often said that the statute tells you what you can do and the rules tell you how.  The Administrative Procedures Act (APA) defines how state agencies create rules for implementing the laws that are given to us by the Colorado legislature.  Since rules have the force of law, the APA requires the agency notify the public of upcoming rule-making, provide a proposed draft of the new or amended rule, and afford interested persons the opportunity to provide input at a public hearing or through other means during a period that will be open for public comment.  The agency is then required to consider all testimony or written data, reviews or arguments, prior to adoption.

Interpretive Bulletins (Non-Fee Schedule Related Issues)

Interpretive Bulletins (Fee Schedule Related Issues)

The Director’s Interpretive Bulletins are an effort to provide guidance on the practical applications of the Colorado Workers' Compensation Act through the Director’s interpretation of statute and other factors affecting the system. The purpose is to provide greater levels of consistency and predictability as to how the Colorado system is intended to operate.

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