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Provider Education is an educational program mandated by statute, to instruct medical practitioners on their role in the workers' compensation system and the special administrative and legal requirements for medical providers who treat injured workers. Through this program, medical providers gain an understanding of the "return to work" philosophy in achieving maximum improvement in the injured worker. This program also provides opportunities to keep abreast of current trends in occupational medicine and to informally network with other providers who treat injured workers.

2017 Provider Education Courses

Level I and Level II Accreditation

Level I accreditation is available to chiropractors, podiatrists, dentists and physicians and PAs who do not perform impairment ratings. Level II accreditation is available to qualified MDs and DOs who perform impairment ratings. All courses are available for home study or participation at a seminar.

Quality Performance Outcomes Payments (QPOP)

QPOP lecture is included in all seminar dates except Level II Accreditation.

Approximate start times for the QPOP lecture and testing at the seminars:
Level I Accreditation: 3:30 pm
Level I Re-Accreditation: 3:45 pm
Level II Re-Accreditation: 12:25 pm

Non-Physician Providers

The Division of Workers' Compensation recognizes that non-physician medical providers are increasingly involved in the care of injured workers. We encourage these practitioners to take advantage of various educational opportunities that the Division offers. Learn More>

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Become Accredited

The Division offers seminar and home-based courses of study for these programs. Successful completion of an exam is required for both Level I and Level II accreditation. The Division's Medical Director and related staff offer ongoing support, education, and resources for the accredited and non-accredited health care provider alike.


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