Job Search

We are here to help you with your work-search efforts. With more than 50 workforce centers across Colorado, we provide a variety of no-cost services to job seekers.

  • Career counseling
  • Computer and Internet access
  • Certification programs
  • Updated and comprehensive job listings
  • Programs for veterans, youth, and those with disabilities
  • Training and skills upgrading

Find a Job

Begin by registering with, our job-search database, featuring updated and comprehensive job listings. Schedule an appointment with a workforce center representative to discuss your resume, interviewing skills and today's job market including career and salary trends. 

Hiring Events

Your workforce center can send you alerts about job fairs and events in your area.

Career Help

Before you consider changing your career, learn about the industry growth and pay rates through labor market information. Assess whether or not you will need specific training to make a change and find out if you are eligible to receive assistance with your training or education. More>


We offer training and educational opportunities through grants and federal funding. Apply or get information for one of the following at your local workforce center. 

Educational Programs

If you are looking at a specific training program, check out the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Eligible Training Provider List to find out if your program is eligible for Workforce Investment Act dollars. More>

Trade Adjustment Act

Workers who lose their jobs, or whose hours of work and wages are reduced as a result of increased imports, or whose jobs were exported offshore ("trade-affected workers") may be eligible to receive benefits for reemployment services. More>

Workforce Investment Act

Designed to help job seekers prepare for employment, find and keep a job, and increase earnings, the Workforce Investment Act and Dislocated Worker Programs are available through your workforce center. More>

Pell Grant

You may be eligible to receive financial aid through the Federal Pell Grant Program if you have not already earned a Bachelor’s Degree. Pell Grants can help to pay for your education and training costs and can be used at most colleges and technical schools. All Colorado community colleges participate in the Pell Program and their financial-aid staff can help you apply for the grant. More>

Unemployment Insurance Approved Training Programs

With assistance from a local workforce center or the Unemployment Insurance Division, individuals receiving unemployment benefits may be able to continue receiving benefits and have the number of required weekly job contacts reduced or removed while enrolled in approved training. Approved training plans must focus on short-term training programs for occupations that are in-demand and lead to stable long-term jobs. 


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