Claim Processing

Processing Your Claim

Processing your claim can take four to six weeks to complete. After you file your claim, we request separation information from your previous employer(s), evaluate your previous wages, and review any additional income. More>

When processing is complete, you will either receive your requested payment(s) or a Notice of Decision explaining why you will not receive a payment. You may appeal any decision you disagree with through an appeal process.

While Your Claim is Processing

During this processing timeframe, you may be sent notices regarding your claim, so check your mail and return any requests for information by the due date on the request.

Additionally, we send you a personal identification number (PIN), which you must use to access unemployment benefits and services. It is your responsibility to keep your PIN in a safe and secure place. Do not share this PIN with anyone. If your PIN is used without your authorization, you may be liable.

You must request payment every two weeks and meet all eligibility requirements even while you wait for your claim to be processed. Your first request for payment will be on the Sunday immediately following the first two weeks of your claim.

Request payment online through MyUI or by phone, (303) 318-2800 (Denver-metro area) or 1-888-550-2800 (outside Denver-metro area).

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