Next Steps

You’ve already filed a claim for unemployment benefits. Next comes registrations, some paperwork, verification of information, and then a decision of your eligibility to receive benefit payments (whether you meet the legal qualifications).

Register with a Workforce Center

You must register with your local workforce center prior to collecting benefits. To register, go to, a work-search website that can connect you to more than 10,000 job openings. You can also register in-person at any workforce center located throughout the state. They offer reemployment assistance, resume writing and interviewing help, and can review your job-search strategy for today’s job market.
Find a local workforce center.

Register with MyUI

To take advantage of our online services and manage your claim, make sure you register with MyUI. MyUI will provide you with the status of your claim and will allow you to request payment online.

Requesting Payment

We send you a personal identification number (PIN), which you must use to access unemployment benefits and services. It is your responsibility to keep your PIN in a safe and secure place. Do not share this PIN with anyone. If your PIN is used without your authorization, you may be liable.

You must request payment every two weeks and meet all eligibility requirements even while you wait for your claim to be processed. Your first request for payment will be on the Sunday immediately following the first two weeks of your claim.

Request payment online through MyUI or by phone, 303-813-2800 (Denver-metro area) or 1-888-550-2800 (outside Denver-metro area).

Verification of Personal Information

We send a request for Verification of Personal Information, which requires your signature verifying your identity, as well as affirming you are a U.S. citizen or are legally present in the U.S. Failure to return this form could impact your claim for benefits.

Waiting Week

After your claim is processed and you qualify to receive benefits, the first payment you may receive is postponed by one week’s worth of payment, called the waiting week. Basically, every claimant who qualifies for unemployment serves an unpaid ‘waiting week’ that begins the first week they become eligible to receive benefits.

Benefit Year

Your claim lasts for one year. However, your unemployment benefits may be exhausted before the benefit year ends (most claims have approximately 26 weeks of benefits). After the benefit-year-end date, we cannot pay any more unemployment benefits, even if there is money left on the claim.


Your unemployment benefits are taxable by both the federal and state government. You can decide to have taxes automatically deducted from your payments or pay taxes later. While you are on unemployment, you may change the decision only once.

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