Workforce Development Month Puts the Focus on Jobs in Tourism and Hospitality

Department of Labor and Employment connects job seekers to job opportunities in this stalwart Colorado jobs creator.

(DENVER)  -- As Workforce Development Month 2016 comes to a close, the Department of Labor and Employment is devoting this last week to showcasing job opportunities in one of Colorado’s most important and recognizable industries – Tourism and Hospitality.

industry jobs pie chartA new microsite has been launched at to connect job seekers with the many employers who comprise the industry.  As the chart at left illustrates, Tourism and Hospitality in Colorado is made up of a variety of sub-sectors, with Restaurants and Bars comprising the highest number of jobs.  The Hospitality and Tourism micro-site allows Colorado job seekers to zero in on the industry’s current job openings in all of these sub-sectors across Colorado.

The industry’s importance to Colorado is apparent. Nationally, Tourism and Hospitality comprises 12.7 percent of private sector employment but in Colorado, private sector employment in the industry is much larger, at 14.8 percent.  And in some Colorado counties, it employs an even greater percentage of the workforce.  In Eagle, Summit and Gilpin Counties, for instance, Tourism and Hospitality comprises more than 40% of employment.

In 2015, Colorado ranked 15th nationally in Tourism and Hospitality private employment (with 312,000 jobs) and 9th in average weekly wage.

Tourism in Colorado has been a big contributor to the impact of Tourism and Hospitality jobs on the state’s economy.  In its June 2016 report for the Office of Economic Development and International Trade’s Colorado Tourism Office (Colorado Travel Impacts 1996-2015), the economic and market research company Dean Runyan Associates reported that travel spending in Colorado during 2015 was over $19.1 billion, supporting over 160,000 jobs with earnings of over $5.5 billion.

With a plentiful supply of entry-level positions, more part-time work opportunities than any other industry in Colorado and a job growth rate from 2014 to 2015 of 4.1% (placing it in the top three industries for job growth in Colorado), Tourism and Hospitality is helping the state win the post-recession race for job gains.

About Workforce Development Month

Workforce Development Month showcases how the Department of Labor and Employment and Workforce Centers across Colorado can help businesses and workers succeed. Visit and during the rest of the month for more information on the industry and the opportunities it offers.

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