Walsenburg Workforce Center to stage “The Great Job Seeker Expedition”

Event to focus on resources to build a successful future

This year, as part of Workforce Development Month, the Walsenburg Workforce Center will stage The Great Job Seeker Expedition event for young people interested in exploring the workforce landscape that lies ahead.

The Great Job Seeker Expedition

Date:                Friday, September 25

Time:               9:00 AM

Location:        Career Building Academy        23512 U.S. Highway 160     Walsenburg, CO 81089


Throughout the day, young people (ages 19-24) can get their bearings in the job market and test their interests in a variety of fields.  Designed like a scavenger hunt, participants will spend the morning going to 10 different participating agencies and businesses to receive clues that will help them start thinking about the “big picture,” where they want to be in the years ahead.

They will return to the Walsenburg Workforce Center at 928 Russell around 2 PM where prizes will be awarded.  Young people interested in participating must pre-register at the Workforce Center no later than 4 PM on Thursday, September 24.

It will be a fun day of exploration but the underlying message is important says Betty Velasquez, director of the Southeast and South Central Workforce Centers. “Young people need to begin plotting out a course, considering their career interests and the strengths and skills they will need to make that career a reality.  With careful preparation, The Great Job Seeker Expedition can be like a life-line to the future.”

More than two centuries ago, Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark embarked on a journey to explore the uncharted West.  A vast unexplored America stretched before them.  They had a general sense of direction but very little idea of what to expect as they forged ahead, completely off the map.  For thousands of Colorado’s young people, entering the job market can feel like they’ve just stepped right off the map.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of entering the workplace.  That’s life off the map, a life that young people in Walsenburg will be better prepared for through their participation in The Great Job Seeker Expedition.

Workforce Center to Hold Open House on September 25

In addition to the Great Job Seeker Expedition, the Walsenburg Workforce Center will be hosting its annual Open House on September 25 from 2 PM to 4 PM.

Governor John Hickenlooper has declared September as Workforce Development Month in Colorado. September is a time for Workforce Centers to spotlight the variety of services and resources available to the state’s 2.7 million men and women in the state’s labor force and the 170,000 Colorado businesses that hire them.

Betty Velasquez, director of the Southeastern and South Central Regions, explains that the Walsenburg Workforce Center is designed to meet both the needs of businesses as well as the needs of job seekers and those who want to further their careers.  “For employers, we offer the tools needed to find the right employee.  For job seekers, we provide the tools to build a better future,” she says. “We invite everyone to stop in on September 25 and learn more about the free services we provide.”