UI Proposed Regulatory Changes Hearing 2/21/20

On February 21, 2020, the Unemployment Insurance Division will hold a public rules hearing concerning four changes to the Regulations Concerning Employment Security (RCES). These are:

  1. Pre-Registration. Amend rules associated with Appeal hearings to improve scheduling by requiring the parties of an appeal to pre-register. Doing so allows for better management of hearing officers and support personnel. (RCES 11.2.4, 11.2.9 and 11.2.13)
  2. Electronic Delivery. The division seeks to use electronic reporting to information requests from the division to expedite response time and reduce all parties mailing costs. (RCES 1.9 and 7.2.6)
  3. Conformity. In order to meet conformity with USDOL Unemployment Compensation law, the division must not only calculate pro rata rates to three or more decimal places but also document that it does so in the regulations. Also modernizes language in subparagraph .3 by removing outdated language. (RCES
  4. To correct an error in the language found in section 12.1.7 of the Regulations Concerning Employment Security. This replaces “a rebuttal of” with “rebuttable” in order to make the paragraph more readable.

Location.  633 17th Street, 12th Floor, Room 12A, Denver, Colorado