New Regulations Concerning Trampoline Courts and Aerial Adventure Parks to go into Effect

New attractions are brought into conformity with traditional rides.

(DENVER) – New regulations pertaining to amusement rides and devices have been issued by the Department of Labor and Employment’s Division of Oil and Public Safety and will take effect on July 31.  The new regulations are requiring the same oversight and standards for trampoline courts and aerial adventure parks that have long been required of amusement parks, carnivals, fairs, festivals and other family entertainment centers that provide mechanical rides and devices.
“Having regulations in place for roller-coasters and other traditional mechanical rides while ignoring such new attractions as trampolines, rope climbing adventures, obstacles courses and zip lines would not be keeping up with the industry and would do a disservice to the people of Colorado,” says Division of Oil and Public Safety Director Mahesh Albuquerque.
Trampoline courts and aerial adventure parks will now be required to have an annual registration to ensure they have received a third-party inspection and have secured necessary insurance coverage prior to operation.  Regulations also call for these businesses to regularly notify the Division of Oil and Public Safety when any reportable injuries occur.
Earlier this year, before their adoption, input was solicited on the proposed regulations and stakeholders, including businesses and the public, had the opportunity to review and comment on them.  “We want to ensure that standards are in place for these new attractions and the feedback we heard from many of the parks and entertainment centers is that they want the same thing,” Albuquerque says.
Safety concerns are shared by the Division of Oil and Public Safety and the amusement ride industry.  Questions about the new regulations can be directed to

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