Kathryn Mueller Named One of the Nation's Most Influential People in Workers' Compensation

The Division of Workers’ Compensation Medical Director has been named one of the Fifty Most Influential People in Workers’ Compensation by SEAK, Inc.

(DENVER) – The Department of Labor and Employment announced today that Dr. Kathryn Mueller, the Division of Workers’ Compensation Medical Director, has been named one of the Fifty Most Influential People in Workers’ Compensation by SEAK, Inc. (Skills, Education, Achievement, Knowledge), a training and professional development organization that assists case managers, adjusters, legal and healthcare professionals, representing every field in the workers’ compensation arena.

“I extend my congratulations to Kathryn,” says Ellen Golombek, Executive Director of the Department of Labor and Employment.  “The programs and services of the Division of Workers’ Compensation have a tremendous impact on businesses, communities and families.  We know first-hand of the many contributions she has made to the Division and to the Workers’ Compensation system in Colorado and we appreciate that SEAK also recognizes the significant and lasting work she has done.”

SEAK, Inc. sponsors the largest and most highly regarded national workers’ compensation and occupational medicine conference in the nation and at this year’s conference, Dr. Mueller was honored with the designation of being one of the 50 most influential people in the workers compensation system.

“We know Kathryn as an invaluable contributor to the success of our program,” says Paul Tauriello, Director of the Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation. “She has worked tirelessly to define quality care for injured workers in our state’s workers’ compensation system, and she is regarded with the utmost respect by workers’ compensation policymakers nationally and internationally.”

“I am honored to join the distinguished group of others being honored for their work,” Dr. Mueller says. “I am proud of my contributions to the health of Colorado’s workers and I am delighted to receive this recognition, however it truly belongs to everybody who has helped build a system in which Colorado can take a lot of pride.”

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