On-the-job Training Available to Job Seekers

Workforce Centers across Colorado’s Northwest Region (Routt, Moffat, Rio Blanco, Grand and Jackson Counties) have announced plans to ramp up outreach efforts to notify out-of-work job seekers and employers about on-the-job training.  Grant dollars have been provided to the Workforce Center by the U.S. Department of Labor, designed to help workers update their job skills and acquire new skills so they can return to the job market.
Those grant dollars also benefit employers across that 5 county region who have long complained of a disconnect between the skills they need and the skills they are finding in job applicants.  These grant dollars help grow a skilled workforce, get people back to work and reduce the turnover and training costs for businesses.
On-the-job training grants are reimbursed directly to employers up to one-half of a trainee’s gross wages for the duration of the training period. The program can be customized for skilled and semi-skilled jobs and employers can use their own training to teach new employees, ensuring the program will deliver the results they need.
Included in the program for the employer are free screening, assessment, and referrals of applicants.  The employer makes the final hiring decision, determines job performance standards, and has the right to terminate a trainee if necessary.  “Our staff will assist employers through all phases of the program and we will provide prompt monthly payments with a minimum of paperwork,” explains Rosemary Pettus, director of the Workforce Centers across the Northwest Region.
But she adds that the training dollars for dislocated workers and the employers that hire them will not be available indefinitely.  “As long as those dollars are available to our community, we need to take advantage of them,” she says.  “Our goal is to ensure that businesses have the opportunity to benefit from these grant dollars while the funding remains available.”
She urges local employers with staffing needs to contact your local Workforce Center for more information about the program and how it can strengthen businesses and the region’s skilled workforce.
For more information, contact your nearest Workforce Center.  A full list can be found at www.colorado.gov/cdle/wfc.

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