Governor's Summer Job Hunt Program Launches Website to Kick Off 35th Season of Helping Young Job Seekers

Website is an introduction to the working world for teens and a conduit to great summer help for employers.

(DENVER) – With Spring approaching, thousands of high school and college students are thinking about getting a summer job.  Every year, thousands of young people turn to the Governor’s Summer Job Hunt for help in taking those first tentative steps into the workforce.
This year, the program launches a new website,  Here, young people can find information, tools and resources.  They can learn about job fairs and how to locate businesses that are hiring, how to write a great resume and make a great impression in a job interview.  It’s a kind of comprehensive toolkit that helps young people find a job, get a job and make the most of their work experience.  The website is a resource for parents who want to ensure their high school and college students have a safe and successful summer job.
“A part-time job provides valuable training to students, preparing them for the challenges they will face in the years ahead,” Gov. Hickenlooper says.  “It adds a unique companion piece to classroom learning.  Workplace experience teaches young people the value of commitment, about gaining confidence and working with others.”
The services are offered free of charge at state and county run employment offices called Workforce Centers, explains Ellen Golombek, Executive Director of the Department of Labor and Employment, the state agency that administers the Governor’s Summer Job Hunt.  “At these offices, employment counselors do more than simply connect teens with job openings.  They make sure they’re ready, helping them recognize the relationship between education and the skills required for success on the job.”  She urges teens ready to explore summer jobs to visit their nearest Workforce Center – but to make a stop at first.
The website is also a resource for employers who are willing to give a high school or college student an opportunity to learn, to put skills to use and see firsthand how a business operates.  They can post jobs at the site and learn about a variety of other services available at their nearest Workforce Center.  “Youth-friendly employers have always been the backbone of this program,” the governor says.  “All it takes is one job for one young person to make a big difference.”
Now beginning a milestone year, the Governor’s Summer Job Hunt has assisted more than a million teens since its inception in 1981.  Last summer alone, almost 38,000 young people between the ages of 14 and 21 were assisted.  And just as it was for teens last year, or 35 years ago, getting a summer job -- and the paycheck that goes with it -- was a meaningful part of their lives, a rite of passage they will never forget.

To get started in the 2015 Governor’s Summer Job Hunt, make a stop at

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