First Week in March is National Weights and Measures Week

Division of Oil and Public Safety ensures accuracy at the gas pump.

(DENVER) –March 1-7 is National Weights and Measures Week, an opportunity to educate people about the important role inspectors play in ensuring that weights and measurements are correct and that consumers are getting what they pay for.  Every day in Colorado, inspectors from the Division of Oil and Public Safety (a part of the Department of Labor and Employment) are instilling trust in the accuracy at Colorado gas pumps.
“We are responsible for inspecting Colorado’s more than 50,000 retail motor fuel dispensers,” said Mahesh Albuquerque, Director of the Division of Oil and Public Safety (OPS).  “Through our work consumers can be confident they are getting what they pay for at the pump, while businesses are assured of an even playing field with their competitors”
The Division inspects gas pumps for accuracy of calibration and fuel quality postings on dispenser labels.  If inspectors find that a pump’s discrepancy is more than 6 cubic inches (3.3 ounces) per 5 gallons, they adjust the meters or place them out of service until repaired, whether the pumps are giving too much or too little.
OPS also inspects bulk propane, gasoline, and diesel truck meters and retail propane, compressed and liquefied natural gas dispensers for accuracy and routinely collect samples of fuel products (gasoline, diesel, E-85, biodiesel, etc.) from retail fueling stations across the state, and analyzes these samples to ensure compliance with fuel quality standards.
In addition to making sure that gas pump meters are not erring in the retailer’s favor, inspectors verify that the calibration mechanisms are sealed from tampering, look for leaks, evaluate advertising practices and price computations. “We don’t favor the retailer or the consumer,” Albuquerque said. “Our inspectors ensure accuracy and equity in the marketplace.”
Consumers who have a complaint or question about a service station’s quality of gas or the quantity that the dispenser shows was delivered can call 303-866-4967 and request an inspection.
For more information on OPS’s Weights and Measures program, visit

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