Finding a Job During COVID-19: Top Jobs, Supplemental Pay, and Other Info You Need to Know

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment and the Office of the Future of Work publish a weekly series to share hiring trends and highlight online and in-person resources to connect workers with meaningful employment. This week, we’ll give you an update on last week’s job posting trends, look at the differences in rural and urban job posting trends, share which industries pay the most when you account for benefits, and finally we’ll remind you of some of the best resources to help you in your job search. Click here to read last week’s article.

Job postings trends

In the table below you’ll see the 10 jobs posted most often in Colorado between 7/15/20 - 7/21/20 according to Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc. (EMSI). We’ve included whether or not these top 10 are ‘top jobs’ (high annual openings, above-average growth, and a good wage) and their score on EMSI’s automation index (occupations with an automation index above 100 have an above-average risk of automation, while occupations with an automation index of below 100 have a below-average risk of automation). 

What are new jobs in the top 50?

Since last week’s article, one new occupation joined the top 50 most posted jobs in Colorado. 

Which jobs rise to the top?

The occupations that have the most job openings, are top jobs (high annual openings, above average growth, and a good wage), and are resistant to automation include:

Which jobs are posted the most?

Below, we'll look at the top 10 most posted job titles, according to EMSI.

What industries are posted the most and which provide the most benefits?

In a recent article, EMSI analyzed the highest-paying industries and included supplments (like pensions, insurance plans, retirement, etc.). First, let's look at the industries with the most job posts between 7/15/20 - 7/21/20 in Colorado (you can look at the full list here):

The top ten look much different if you sort by which industries pay the most in supplements like pensions, insurance plans, retirement, etc. Depending on your individual needs, it may make sense to shift your job search strategy to prioritize those occupations in industries that typically pay more supplements. You can learn more about the highest paying occupations within these industries by reading this article from EMSI.

What resources can help me find my next job?

I need a job right now. You can target your job search based on the top jobs posted for your education level or the industries of interest. You can search for these jobs using OnwardCO, or by registering with ConnectingColorado if you have a social security number.

I want to connect with a career coach who can support me. Call your local workforce center using this map to schedule an appointment. Learn more about how workforce centers can help you here.

I want to find training to get a good job. 

I want to explore new carreers and build an action plan. Check out My Colorado Journey.  Check out My Colorady Journey. Once you create a free account, you'll set up your profile by providing information about your unique needs, desires, and where you are in your career. From there, the platform generates personalized career and education recommendations with the opportunity to explore and evaluate options, providing all the information you need to make informed decisions about next steps.

What did we cover last time?

In our previous article of this series, we covered job posting trends from 7/6/20 -7/12/20, and provided info about the differences in rural and urban job posting trends. Click here to read last week's article! 


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