Federal Government Shutdown

The federal government shutdown will not impact normal unemployment insurance processes. The Division of Unemployment Insurance will remain open and we will continue to pay unemployment benefits. If you have a claim on file, please continue to request payment every two weeks.

If you have been furloughed as a direct result of the federal shutdown, you may be eligible for regular unemployment benefits. Please file your claim online. The first week you are eligible for benefits is an unpaid waiting week. If Congress reaches an agreement that includes back pay for furloughed time, federal workers will be responsible for paying back any unemployment benefits received during that time.

To begin filing a claim, visit https://www.colorado.gov/cdle/start-a-claim

Assistance programs available - https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/cdle/more-assistance

To view our Frequently Asked Questions about the Federal Shutdown, visit https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/cdle/news/federal-government-shutdown-frequently-asked-questions