New Employer Checklist

When you are ready to hire your first employee, use this checklist to make sure you are complying with laws and regulations the department administers.

Register your Business for an Unemployment Account

Employers are required to pay premiums through a quarterly premium-report and wage-report process. You may be required to pay unemployment insurance premiums if you meet specific requirements. To receive an unemployment account number, you may register your business online through Colorado Business Express or submit the registration form.

Report any New Hires

This reporting must take place within 20 calendar days after the date of hire or by the first regularly scheduled payroll following the date of hire, if such payroll is after the expiration of the 20-day period. More>

Verify Workers' Compensation Coverage

Employers are required to obtain and maintain workers’ compensation insurance for one or more employees (with few exceptions). Verify if you or another employer has insurance coverage in Colorado. More>

Employment Verification

After hiring an employee, employers must make a written affirmation within 20 days that they have reviewed and made copies of identity documents required by the Federal Form I-9. More>

Verify Wage & Hour Law Compliance

Verify your compliance with minimum wage, overtime, and pay laws and regulations. More>

Ensure Proper Worker Classification

Ensure you are classifying your workers correctly. Employee/worker misclassification occurs when an employer mistakenly classifies a worker as an independent contractor rather than an employee. More>


Most government agencies provide their own posters online without cost. Use the "Colorado Employer Poster Advisor" for a general list of both state and federal posters. More>

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