Preparing for your Mandatory Orientation Meeting

Please complete these steps before you come to the meeting. Doing so will help you get more out of the meetings you attend and may expedite the time it takes for your orientation and one-on-one meetings.

Step 1: Create or Update your Connecting Colorado Account

Photo of Connecting Colorado

Connecting Colorado is a website that connects job seekers to Colorado employers. You can search this database for jobs while employers look for candidates, like you, to fill jobs.

Sign up in Connecting Colorado, or if you already have an account, update your account with new information (be sure to update your address, resume, skills, and unemployment status).

You can upload your resume, add skills, education, training, experience, and anything else that could help you get a job. Connecting Colorado notifies you of jobs that match your skills, hiring events and job fairs.

Remember that you must register for work to collect unemployment benefit payments. Signing up for Connecting Colorado and selecting that you are collecting unemployment lets us continue to pay you. Your local workforce center can guide you and answer your questions about Connecting Colorado and finding work.

Step 2: Review Local Labor Market Information

Photo of CoLmiGateway Application

Be strategic in your job search by using your local labor market information. You can find occupations that are in demand in your area, the skills you need to qualify for them, and the wage rates that are common for those positions. Be ahead of the game and research your local area's trends.

Labor Market Data
Career Information Resources



Step 3: Complete and Print an Online Self-Assessment

Photo of Self AssessmentA self-assessment helps you to look at your skills, interests, and experience so that you can find a job that is a good fit for you. You may have marketable skills that you did not know you had and a self-assessment leads you to discover those skills. These skills can be featured on your resume and in Connecting Colorado.

Take one or more of the self-assessments:

Career InfoNet and Skills Profiler
MySkills MyFuture
My Next Move

Be sure to print your results and bring them to the orientation. A representative at the workforce center will go over your self-assessment with you during the one-on-one session. Together, you can use this information to create a job-search plan.

Step 4: Complete and Print your Weekly Work-Search Log

Photo of work-search log

You are required to keep a list of your work-search efforts because we may request this proof at any time up to two years from the start of your claim.

For every job contact, you must keep a verifiable list of:

 - What action you took
 - How you applied for the position
 - The type of work you were looking for
 - The person you contacted, a telephone number, email address or other reliable contact information
 - The outcome of the contact

You can use this work-search log template, or you can make your own, as long as you make sure you include the required information.

Please print and bring a copy of at least the last two weeks of your work-search log to the orientation. A representative will review the log with you to discuss opportunities to improve your work-search efforts.

Step 5: Attend Your Orientation

Photo of OrientationAt the orientation, you will learn about services and resources that will help you find a job (we call them reemployment services). The representatives are available to help you develop your skills for looking for work. In addition, you will watch a video about unemployment insurance work-search and the eligibility requirements needed to continue receiving benefits. The goal is to help you return to work before you run out of unemployment benefit payments.

Remain Eligible for Your Unemployment Benefit Payments Fact Sheet



Step 6: Attend Your One-on-One Meeting

Photo of One-on-one MeetingAfter the orientation, your local workforce center representatives will have a one-on-one meeting with you. Generally, that session is on the same day as the orientation meeting. Make sure you bring your documents with you to the orientation meeting so that you are ready for your one-on-one session. Please bring:

1. The results of your online self-assessment printout
2. Weekly work-search log (minimum of 2 weeks)

At the one-on-one meeting, the workforce center representative will work with you to set up your reemployment plan. Together, you will come up with the best way for you to look for work.


Attendance is Required

Your attendance at the orientation meeting is mandatory; failure to attend may have an impact upon your claim. Whether or not you can reschedule this meeting is up to the workforce center. Contact your local workforce center with any questions.