Alternatives to laying off your employees

The Work-Share Program

Thinking of laying off employees? Consider the Work-Share Program. 
The Work-Share Program provides an alternative to laying off employees by allowing them to keep working, but with fewer hours. While an employee is working fewer hours, he or she may be eligible to collect part of his or her regular unemployment benefits.
Requirements and qualifications for employers:
  • You must have reduced the normal weekly work hours by at least 10 percent, but by no more than 40 percent. 
  • The reduction must affect at least two out of all employees in the business, or a minimum of two employees in a certain unit.
  • You must have paid as much in premiums as we paid your former employees in unemployment insurance benefits. See the rate notice we mailed you in November.

Does my business qualify for the Work-Share Program?

For more details, download the Employer Fact Sheet by clicking below. We also provide a downloadable Fact Sheet for you to hand out to employees to see if they meet eligibility requirements.

Employer Fact Sheet Employee Fact Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to try it?  We will process your application in 5 to 10 business days of receiving it.

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Other Transition Assistance: Rapid Response

The Rapid Response Program provides guidance and information for businesses facing corporate restructuring and downsizing.

Services include:

  • Job placement assistance.
  • On-site layoff transition workshops.
  • Information on the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Act (WARN).
  • Guidance for employers on establishing an on-site career or outplacement center to assist employees with their future employment needs.
  • Services to help reduce employee attrition prior to the defined layoff date.