Jury Duty

Advisory Bulletins

Compensation and Jury Duty

All regularly employed trial or grand jurors shall be paid regular wages, but not to exceed fifty dollars per day unless by mutual agreement between the employee and employer, by their employers for the first three days of juror service or any part thereof. Regular employment shall include part-time, temporary, and casual employment if the employment hours may be determined by a schedule, custom, or practice established during the three-month period preceding the juror's term of service. For more information contact the Office of the State Court Administrator at 303-861-1111.

Job Protection and Jury Duty

State law protects a juror's job; an employer shall not threaten, coerce, or discharge an employee for reporting for juror service as summoned. An employer shall make no demands upon any employed juror which will substantially interfere with the effective performance of jury service. For more information contact the Office of the State Court Administrator at 303-861-1111

Employee Participation in Other Legal Actions

Employees are not entitled to compensation by their employers for their participation in other unrelated areas of the legal system. For example, an employer does not have to compensate an employee for time spent: serving as a witness in a case, responding to a subpoena, or acting as a plaintiff or defendant in the courts.

Persons inquiring about jury service may contact the jury commissioner for their county, or contact:


Office of the State Court Administrator
101 W. Colfax, Suite 500
Denver, CO 80202



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