Independent Medical Examination (IME)


Independent Medical Examination (IME)

An Independent Medical Exam involves a request for the claimant to be examined by a doctor who had not previously seen the claimant. This doctor does not provide treatment and is paid by the party who requested the exam and is usually asked to provide an opinion regarding the exam results in writing or in response to questions asked by a lawyer or judge. Sometimes, a doctor or other medical professional performing the exam is also referred to as an IME - an "independent medical examiner."

Respondent Independent Medical Examination (RIME)

A Respondent IME occurs when the employer or insurance company handling the claim (the “respondent”) designates a physician or other medical provider to perform an IME on the injured worker. Colorado Revised Statutes sec. 8-43-404 (1) – (4). This type of exam can be requested at any time during the course of the workers’ compensation claim. The doctor is paid by the respondent. The exam must be recorded with an audio device such as a tape recorder or digital recorder, and the doctor’s office keeps a copy of the recording. This is not a video recording. After the examination, the doctor writes a report describing the results of the exam and provides a copy of that report to the respondent and to the claimant. 


  • RIME - Colorado Revised Statutes 8-43-404(1)-(4)

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