Important Claims Timelines



      Responsible Party  


Immediately Employer Reports fatal injuries to Division
Within 4 days Injured Worker Reports injury in writing to employer
Within 10 days Employer Reports all injuries to carrier/insurer
Within 20 days Insurer Files an admission or denial of liability after receiving notice of an injury in cases where lost time, permanency, an occupational disease or a fatality occurs or at any time where a claim has been filed with the Division.
Within 45 days of the date of mailing of the Notice of Contest Injured Worker

Files Application for an Expedited Hearing if claim has been denied in error

 Within 30 days Injured Worker Must object to Final Admission of Liability if s/he disagrees with any part of it including:
 • Filing for Division IME to dispute MMI or whole person impairment; or
 • Filing for a hearing on any other issue
After 6 months Insurer If injured worker objects to a Final Admission of Liability and takes no action to prosecute the claim for additional benefits, the insurer may petition the Director of the Division of Workers’ Compensation to close the claim
Within 4 weeks immediately following the termination of the continuous period of total disability Injured Worker Files an unemployment insurance claim

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