Getting Started with Online Filing of First Reports

To file via the Internet, the first step is to submit an application and obtain a userid and password.  Once the application for a userid and password is completed, it should be printed and then faxed or mailed to the Division of Workers' Compensation for approval. 

Each person that is listed on the Internet User Identification List will receive an email with their own userid and password.  Once you are logged in the system, a selection menu will appear.  This menu will allow you to enter a new FROI or a new NOC as well as obtain the acknowledgments from prior submissions.   To view the password instructions click here.

You should have all of the First Report of Injury and/or Notice of Contest Data available when you begin.  Data validation will occur as you complete each screen.  Delays of 30 minutes or more when entering data will subject you to termination of the session.

This filing system should be used only for claims that are required to be filed with the Division. Any medical only claim or a claim that has not resulted in more than 3 days of lost time or permanent impairment should not be reported to the Division using this method.  These claims would be reported by the monthly summary form as outlined in Rule 5-2-F. 

If you submit an Employer's First Report of Injury or a Notice of Contest through the web page, do not submit a paper copy of the same information to the Division of Workers' Compensation.  A copy of the information provided will be in a printable format once the information has been submitted and you have reached the end.

To view a sample of the screens and instructions click here.

Just a reminder, your own computer system along with the type of your internet connection will have an affect on the speed of the response time for you.