Office of the Future of Work

On September 4th, 2019 Governor Polis signed an Executive Order creating the Office of the Future of Work. The office will serve as the central point of contact for the State’s effort to:

  • Understand, prepare for, and develop effective policy and programmatic solutions to respond to the changing economy
  • Raise awareness about the future of work


  • Working in partnership with other state departments
  • Creating an ongoing working task force
  • Convening summits with diverse stakeholders across different regions 

To explore ways Colorado can…

  • Modernize worker benefits and protections 
  • Develop a skilled and resilient workforce

In order to build an inclusive and equitable economy of the future.


Specific Areas of Exploration

Creating a future where all Coloradan workers have access to education and skill training that is connected to meaningful and sustainable employment.

Future of Work Areas of Exploration

Modern worker protections and benefits

Worker protections and the social safety net need to be modernized in order to support the people most vulnerable to the changing economy, and to ensure all types of workers are protected and have access to a living wage as work continues to evolve.

OFOW Focus:

  • Explore a portable benefits system for Colorado
  • Improve quality of low-wage, high value occupations
  • Better understand the on-demand economy workforce 


Digital transformation plan for all

Empower individuals, employers, and communities to create their own digital transformation plan. The Office will build awareness and equip Coloradans with tools and strategies to effectively understand what the future of work means for them and how to increase their resilience.

OFOW Focus:

  • Expand the definition of digital transformation 
  • Raise awareness of digital transformation in communities across Colorado
  • Provide resources to promote proactive digital transformation planning 
  • Understand journey to digital transformation for small and medium businesses, target populations, and diverse regions


Prepare target populations

Understand the impact of the future of work on target populations, and realign government programs to better prepare them for success in the future of work. Initial target populations include: New Americans, people with disabilities, mid-career professionals, justice-involved, and mature workers. 

OFOW Focus:

  • Understand journey to digital transformation for target populations and diverse regions
  • Understand current journey through service programs and barriers to success
  • Align and promote programs to better serve target populations


Cross-cutting lenses

Regional Diversity - Acknowledging the distinct needs of Colorado’s communities.

Left Behind Coloradans - Focusing on minority populations and Coloradans that feel left behind in Colorado’s economy.

User-Centered - Designing with the end-user in mind.


More Information

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