Fraud Prevention

Detecting and prosecuting fraud is a high priority for the Division of Unemployment Insurance. If you think an employer or unemployed worker is committing unemployment insurance fraud, please select the violating party below, then complete and submit a fraud report.

2nd Quarter 2015 Unemployment Fraud Prosecutions

Total restitution ordered: $751,996.93

April  2015
Richard Borden                   (Arapahoe County)
Michael Atwell                    (Arapahoe County)
David McBride                     (Arapahoe County)
Sandra Turner                     (Moffat County)  
Juan Ruano Mendoza           (Denver County)
Mailia Sullivan                     (El Paso County)
Dennis Medina                     (El Paso County)
Casildra Wallace                  (Arapahoe County)
Anneshia Gonzales               (Jefferson County)
Khalila Smith                       (Denver County)
Radawna Clark                     (Mesa County)


May 2015
Aaron Cochran                   (Denver County)
Joel Rodriguez                   (Jefferson County)
Joshua Bowie                     (Pueblo County)
William Isaabelle                (El Paso County)
Zebadiah Gaul                   (Adams County)
Pamela Underhill               (Arapahoe County)
Gregory Saulis                   (Weld County)
Robin Saulis                      (Weld County)
Keith Morgan                     (Denver County)
Elizabeth Damico               (Larimer County)
David Mackey                    (Denver County)

June 2015
Jill Suarez                        (Adams County)
Mark Kane                       (Arapahoe County)
Sara Olson                       (Jefferson County)
Jeffrey Moore                  (Boulder County)
Stephen Johnson             (Denver County)
Olivia Arias                      (Adams County)