Fraud Prevention

Detecting and prosecuting fraud is a high priority for the Division of Unemployment Insurance. If you think an employer or unemployed worker is committing unemployment insurance fraud, please select the violating party below, then complete and submit a fraud report, please complete and submit a fraud report.

2nd Quarter 2018 Unemployment Fraud Prosecutions

Total restitution ordered: $281,615.16

April 2018
Michael Archuleta                   (Weld County)
Isaac Guerra                           (Pueblo County)
Tamara Browning                   (Jefferson County)
William Easton                       (El Paso County)
Misty Hamm                          (Arapahoe County)

May 2018 
Erica Ferguson                        (Arapahoe County)
Amanda Leibbrandt                 (Adams County)
Carlos Garcia                          (Adams County)
Toma Brown                          (Arapahoe County)
Herman Been, Jr.                    (Pitkin County)
Dina Florez                             (Jefferson County)
June 2018
Alexia Young                          (Denver County)
Eric Alliger                             (El Paso County)
Norman Leckenby                  (El Paso County)
Marangeli Rodriguez- Santiago(Adams County)
Evila Gutierrez                        (Alamosa County)