Fraud Prevention

Detecting and prosecuting fraud is a high priority for the Division of Unemployment Insurance. If you think an employer or unemployed worker is committing unemployment insurance fraud, please select the violating party below, then complete and submit a fraud report, please complete and submit a fraud report.

1st Quarter 2017 Unemployment Fraud Prosecutions

Total restitution ordered: $216,587.48​

January 2017
 Lecia Lachelle                 (Boulder County)
Kathrin Evancho               (Eagle County)
Lee Stammis                    (Larimer County)
Devonica McElroy             (Arapahoe County)  

February 2017​
Nery Torres-Rodriguez      (Adams County)
Michael Walsh                  (Jefferson County)

March 2017​
Joecella Atkins-Banks        (Arapahoe County)
Ronald McBride                 (Denver County)
Leroy Bell Jr.                     (Arapahoe County)
Roberta Spencer-Santisteven        (Pueblo County)