Fraud Prevention

Detecting and prosecuting fraud is a high priority for the Division of Unemployment Insurance. If you think an employer or unemployed worker is committing unemployment insurance fraud, please select the violating party below, then complete and submit a fraud report, please complete and submit a fraud report.

2nd Quarter 2016 Unemployment Fraud Prosecutions

Total restitution ordered: $466,694.36​

April 2016
Jesus Macias                    (Pueblo County)
Felipe Castro                   (Adams County)
Lisa Harras                       (Denver County)
John Ames                       (Denver County)  
Ebb Vines                         (Garfield County)
Allard Samora                   (Alamosa County)
Lolita Slaughter                (Denver County)

May 2016
Jose Maes                        (Denver County)
Brenda Solano                  (Jefferson County)
James Foos                      (Pueblo County)
James Needham               (Denver County)
Pamela Paulson                (Denver County)
Lavincent Golden             (Mesa County)
Amis Brownell                  (Larimer County)

June 2016
Roger Guillen                    (Garfield County)
Mark Vigil                          (Jefferson County)
Joe Cardenas                    (Adams County)
Brant Florea                      (Mesa County)
Mark Farrell                       (Larimer County)
Keith Tennal                     (Adams County)
Manuel Rodriguez             (Weld County)