Forms & Guidance

Affirmation & Department Program Forms
  • Contractor Affirmation Form 
  • Contractor Notice of Participation in the Department Program Form 
  • Mandatory Affirmation Form
Complaint Forms
  • Credit History Instructions and Fillable Complaint Form
  • Demand for Payment of Wages
  • Employment Verification Law Violations
  • Keep Jobs in Colorado Complaint Instructions and Form
  • Notice of Dishonored Instrument Form
  • Public Contracts For Services Violations
  • Request for Mediation
  • Social Media Instructions and Fillable Complaint Form 
Fact Sheets
  • Colorado Minimum Wage Order 30 Fact Sheet
  • Colorado Wage Act Fact Sheet
  • Employment Opportunity Act Fact Sheet
  • Employment Verification Law Fact Sheet 2012
  • General Employment Law Fact Sheet
  • Keep Jobs In Colorado Act Fact Sheet
  • Minimum Wage Fact Sheet 2014
  • Public Contracts for Services Fact Sheet
  • Social Media and the Workplace Law Fact Sheet
  • Youth Law Fact Sheet 
  • Advisory Bulletins & Resource Guide
  • Department Program Process Guide
  • Employment Verification Law Complete Guide
  • Public Contracts for Services Complete Guide