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Looking for a job?

We offer resources, services, and programs to assist you in your career search and development. We strive to offer key resources, services and programs to assist you in your career search and development.

Our Workforce Centers, located throughout Colorado, are where you can find free access to computer resources along with assistance with resume writing, interviewing, job-search strategies, career counseling, training opportunities, and connections to a larger job pool.

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Getting a job is no easy task. Be sure to follow this checklist to make sure you are getting the most out of each and every opportunity.

  1. Prepare your resume  - update your information, contacts, employment history and cover letter
  2. Online Job-search -  research your industry, search job listings, register on Connecting Colorado and set up notifications
  3. Networking - utilize social media, follow-up with people in the industry and/or previous co-workers
  4. Job Fairs / Events - view our calendar for events happening throughout Colorado 
  5. Contact a Workforce Center - create/update your Connecting Colorado account and get information on job opportunities in your area
  6. Interviewing - prepare for employer questions, dress the part (attire) and get tips on following-up with employers 
  7. Apprenticeships  -  An apprenticeship is an opportunity to receive hands-on career training, an education, and a paycheck! Apprentices earn while they learn, reducing their need to take on debt.
  8. Special Programs & Opportunities - find information on special training and/or jobs that are being developed from grants Colorado has received


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