Filing a Claim with the Division

An Employer’s First Report of Injury (First Report*) must be submitted to the Division within 10 days of notice or knowledge that a work-related accident results in any of the following:

  • Lost time in excess of three shifts or calendar days,
  • Permanent impairment, or
  • Contraction of an occupational disease that has been listed by the Director by
    Rule 5-2(B)(2).

Immediate notification must be provided to the Division in cases where a work-related accident resulted in:

  • Death, or
  • Injury to three or more employees

And finally, 

  • If the injured worker has filed a Worker's Claim for Compensation form (WC15).
  • Whenever a claim is denied, the insurer must file a First Report with the Division in order to establish the claim and get a workers’ compensation claim number assigned.**

All other injuries which do not fall into the above categories are to be reported to the division by the insurer only by monthly summary.

*If one is required, all Employer's First Reports of Injury, with few exceptions, must be filed by Electronic Data Interchange.

**A Workers’ Compensation Claim Number (WC#) is assigned to every claim filed with the Division. A WC# is necessary in order to access dispute resolution services such as Prehearing and Settlement Conferences, or to request an Administrative Hearing.

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