Federal Interest Repayments

We will determine the total gross wages of all liable, experience rated employers for the second quarter of the previous year (amount A). Then we will determine the sum of the annual interest on the loan and the administrative costs during the interest-repayment period (amount B). We divide amount A into amount B to get the TFA rate.

Example for 2011:

(Interest accrued for Jan—April 2011 + administrative costs for Jan—April 2011) ÷ Total gross wages of all subject employers for 2nd Quarter 2010

We will multiply the employer’s gross wages from the fourth quarter of the previous year by the TFA rate.

Example for 2011:

Each subject employer's gross wages for 4th Quarter 2010 x TFA rate

We will use any credit you have on your account to cover all or part of your payment.

Order my payment will be applied:

  • Trust fund assessment
  • Bond Interest repayment
  • Premium penalties
  • Premium interest
  • Premiums

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