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Level I Re-Accreditation

Upcoming Seminars: May 10, 2019 - Denver

This course is available to current Level I Accredited providers seeking re-accreditation, which is required every three (3) years.  The course updates providers with the Division of Workers’ Compensation rules, medical treatment guidelines and documentation standards. Option of participation in a seminar or online course is available.
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Level II Re-accreditation

Upcoming Seminars: early November 2019 - exact date and location TBD 

The Level II Re-Accreditation course is available to current Level II Accredited physicians who need to retain their Level II Accreditation status.  The course is required every three (3) years and reviews the medical treatment guideline updates, any Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation rule revisions and allows physicians to continue performing impairment ratings for injured workers. This course can be completed through participation in a seminar or online. Per Rule 13-3, submission of one impairment rating report, deemed sufficient by the Division, is required as part of re-accreditation.

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Quality Performance and Outcomes Payments (QPOP)

QPOP will be offered at the Level I Accreditation Seminar on March 9th, 2018 - Denver

The QPOP online course is available throughout the year or a presentation with testing may be requested for large groups.

Certification is available to all medical providers who have previously completed the Level I or Level II Accreditation Course. QPOP certification allows providers to bill for documenting a patient’s functional progress, which includes providing a functional assessment and psychological screen using Division approved tests. No additional registration form is required if attending a full seminar. View QPOP Division approved tests.

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Treatment Information: Division of Workers’ Compensation resources and forms for treating injured workers.

Impairment Rating Worksheets/Information: Per Rule 12, when the authorized treating physician has determined that the injured worker is at maximum medical improvement (MMI) and has not returned to his/her pre-injury state, physically and/or mentally, the treating physician shall determine a permanent medical impairment rating. Impairment ratings may only be performed by Level II Accredited physicians.

Independent Medical Examination (IME) Information: Rule 8-8/Physician’s Guide to Audio Recordings of IMEs

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