Division Independent Medical Exam (DIME)

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If there is a dispute between the injured worker and the employer concerning the maximum medical improvement date (MMI) or the impairment rating that was provided by the treating physician, and the parties wish to bring this dispute before a judge, the law requires that the parties first obtain a Division Independent Medical Examination (DIME).

This process was established to reduce litigation and to provide an alternative way to address disputes involving MMI and impairment. Because impairment is an issue in the dispute, a Level II-accredited physician must perform the examination. If the parties cannot agree upon a physician, the Division will select an independent medical examiner based on an application submitted by the party who objects to the impairment rating or statement of MMI. 

The DIMEs Are a-Changin'

The Colorado Division of Workers' Compensation’s Division Independent Medical Exam (DIME) Program has been in place with very little change since 1991 and is an essential function of our state’s workers’ compensation system. After three years of collaboration between stakeholders, the Division successfully adopted a new rule that addresses the key challenges of each stakeholder. To view Rule 11, please click here

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