Brief or Written Argument

In making its decision, ICAP also considers any briefs filed by the parties. The brief is a written argument in which each party can explain in detail why the party thinks the Hearing Officer’s Decision should be changed or stay the same. However, parties are not required to file a brief.

Brief or Written Argument Process

You have twelve calendar days to review the record of the hearing and submit your brief from the date the Notice of Appeal and Opportunity to File Additional Argument is mailed. The same deadline applies to both parties; however, neither party is required to submit a brief.
If the appealing party files a brief, a copy of that brief will be sent to the opposing party. We will then review the file and determine if a response brief will be permitted. More>
After all briefs have been received a Panel Decision is issued.

How do I submit a brief?

There is no particular format that must be followed when submitting a written argument.  Most parties simply write a letter in which they outline the issues they wish us to consider. If there are specific portions of the hearing recording that support your position, be sure to refer to them in your statement. More>
Be sure to include:
  • Claimant's name - this is the person requesting unemployment benefits.
  • Docket Number on the decision - this number appears directly below the social security number.
  • Name of the employer involved with the case.


Submit a Brief


Send your brief to:
 Industrial Claim Appeals Office: Unemployment Insurance Cases
 PO Box 18291
 Denver, CO 80218-0291
 Fax to: (303) 318-8139

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