In order to reduce and detect overpayments and fraud, we randomly audit claims on a weekly basis.

We utilize a benefit accuracy measurement review process which examines employer records and actions, statements and actions of those filing for unemployment benefits, and our records and actions. Specifically, eligibility, payroll, work-search contacts, and employment-office records that pertain to the individual filing for unemployment benefits are reviewed.

Selection Criteria

Claims are selected weekly and are chosen at random by a computer. Both claims that were recently paid and claims with specific issues are selected for review. It is possible your claim may be reviewed more than once, because the claims are selected randomly each week. Claim are not selected for review because of suspicions of wrongdoing.

You are notified if your claim is selected for review that particular week. Additionally, employers are contacted to verify that work-search contacts reported by you for the selected week were made.

Required Action

Complete and return any questionnaires and respond to any inquiries or requests for information from a benefits accuracy management investigator even if you are currently working. If you do not complete the questionnaire, or participate in the audit process, your unemployment benefits may be suspended or past weeks claimed may be disallowed. If you were paid benefits during past weeks that are later disallowed, an overpayment is established.

 If you receive a Notice of Decision and disagree with it, you can submit a written appeal.
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