ADM - Administrative Requirements Policy Guidance Letters


PGL# Subject Released Revised  Prior PGL #
ADM-2016-02, change 1

Flagged and Banned Customer System

  1. Restricted Flag Template Letter
  2. Ban Template Letter
  3. Statewide Ban Template Letter
2016-10-01 2017-07-10  

Discretionary Grant Management and Accountability

  1. Elements of a Technical Assistance Plan
  2. Elements of a Performance Improvement Plan

ADM-2015-02, Change 2

  1. WIOA and Wagner-Peyser Governance WFC Questionnaire
  2. Workforce Development Boards Monitoring Guide
  3. WIOA and Wagner-Peyser Administration, Program, Grant, and Financial Management Systems Monitoring Guide
  4. WIOA and Wagner-Peyser Local Policy Monitoring Guide
  5. WIOA and Wagner-Peyser Performance Accountability Monitoring Guide
  6. Program WFC Questionnaires and File Review Monitoring Guides
  7. Required Local Policies and Documents
  8. Per-Client Expenditure Monitoring Procedures
  9. Risk Assessment Categories and Evaluation
  10. Definition of Key Monitoring Report Terms
  11. Annual Program and Compliance Review Timeline


2015-03-20 2017-06-30 15-01-WIA


WIA Complaint Procedures​

2015-01-07   14-11-WIA

Language Assistance Services

  1. PY 2011 Language Assistance Plan
  2. NASWA Checklist



ES Complaint System

  1. Job Service Complaint System Logging Instructions
  2. ES Complaint System Log
  3. Service to Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers Report
  4. ES Complaint System Report
  5. Employment Service Complaint Referral Record
  6. Instructions for Completing Employment Service Complaint Referral Record
2009-06-03   09-06-P

Compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

  1. TEIN 16-99 Attachment 1
  2. Federal Register
  3. The One-Stop 
  4. IT Equipment checklist
  5. Software Checklist
  6. ITM Accessibility Checklist
  7. Web Page Checklist
  8. Area Directors - Document no longer available
2002-01-28   02-08-L

Discrimination & Equal Opportunity

  1. Discrimination Complaint Log
  2. TAN 06-2 EEO for Wagner Peyser
2002-01-24   02-07-L
ADM-2002-04 Processing Discrimination Complaints 2002-01-24   02-06-L
ADM-2002-03 Universal Access 2002-01-24   02-05-L
ADM-2002-02 Nondiscriminination & Equal Opportunity Sanctions 2002-01-24   02-04-L
ADM-2002-01 Nondiscrimination Equal Opportunity Assurance 2002-01-24   02-03-L
ADM-2001-01 WIA Internal and Subcontractor Monitoring 2001-03-23   01-09-WIA1