ADM - Administrative Requirements Policy Guidance Letters


PGL# Subject Released Revised  Prior PGL #
ADM-2019-05 Language Assistance Plan Development  2019-04-29    
ADM-2019-04 Affirmative Outreach

Equal Opportunity Sanctions

  1. Recommended Method for Calculating Adverse Impact
ADM-2019-02  Equal Opportunity Assurances 2019-02-22    

 Employment Service Complaint System

  1. ETA-8429: Complaint/Apparent Violation Form
  2. ETA-8429: Complaint/Apparent Violation Form - Instructions 
  3. ES Complaint System Logging Instructions and Log
  4. ETA-5148, Part I: Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers Report
  5. ETA-5148, Part I: Instructions for Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Report
  6. ETA-5148, Part III: Employment Service Complaint System Report
  7. ETA-5148, Part III: Instructions for ES Complaint System Report
ADM-2016-02, change 1

Flagged and Banned Customer System

  1. Restricted Flag Template Letter
  2. Ban Template Letter
  3. Statewide Ban Template Letter
2016-10-01 2017-07-10  

Discretionary Grant Management and Accountability

  1. Elements of a Technical Assistance Plan
  2. Elements of a Performance Improvement Plan

ADM-2015-02, Change 2

  1. WIOA and Wagner-Peyser Governance WFC Questionnaire
  2. Workforce Development Boards Monitoring Guide
  3. WIOA and Wagner-Peyser Administration, Program, Grant, and Financial Management Systems Monitoring Guide
  4. WIOA and Wagner-Peyser Local Policy Monitoring Guide
  5. WIOA and Wagner-Peyser Performance Accountability Monitoring Guide
  6. Program WFC Questionnaires and File Review Monitoring Guides
  7. Required Local Policies and Documents
  8. Per-Client Expenditure Monitoring Procedures
  9. Risk Assessment Categories and Evaluation
  10. Definition of Key Monitoring Report Terms
  11. Annual Program and Compliance Review Timeline


2015-03-20 2017-06-30 15-01-WIA

ADM-2015-01, Change 1

WIOA Complaint Procedures​

2015-01-07 2018-08-16 14-11-WIA

Compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

  1. TEIN 16-99 Attachment 1
  2. Federal Register
  3. The One-Stop 
  4. IT Equipment checklist
  5. Software Checklist
  6. ITM Accessibility Checklist
  7. Web Page Checklist
  8. Area Directors - Document no longer available
2002-01-28   02-08-L

Discrimination & Equal Opportunity

  1. Discrimination Complaint Log
  2. TAN 06-2 EEO for Wagner Peyser
2002-01-24   02-07-L
ADM-2002-04 Processing Discrimination Complaints 2002-01-24   02-06-L
ADM-2002-03 Universal Access 2002-01-24   02-05-L