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Colorado Labor Peace Act

The Labor Peace Act authorizes the Colorado Division of Labor to establish standards of fair conduct in employment relations in order to protect the rights of the public, the employee, and the employer and to oversee collective bargaining unit elections.

Labor Peace Act
Labor Peace Act Rules of Procedure 
Introduction and Instructions for Labor Peace Act Petitions

Introduction and Instructions to Labor Peace Act Petitions and Elections

All-Union Agreement (AUA) Petitions

There are five different petitions concerning elections conducted pursuant to the Colorado Labor Peace Act § 8-3-108.  Each petition relates to a different party that may be requesting the election concerning the authorization or revocation of an All-Union Agreement (AUA).  These petitions must be filed with the Division of Labor, Colorado Department of Labor and Employment in duplicate with original signatures each recognized by a notary public. . If the petition is filed by the employees, there need not be a duplicate list of the signatories.


Collective Bargaining Unit (CBU) Petitions

There are five separate petitions concerning elections conducted pursuant to the Colorado Labor Peace Act § 8-3-107 regarding the selection and/or continuance of a Collective Bargaining Unit (CBU).  Again, each petition relates to a specific party that may submit a petition.  As with the previous noted petitions, these should be filed with the Division of Labor in duplicate with original signatures.  As previously stated all petitions submitted must be certified by a notary public.

Although the petitions should be self-explanatory; should you have any questions please contact the Division of Labor at 303-318-8453 or 303-318-8459.

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