Veterans Community Living Center at Fitzsimons

The Veterans Community Living Center at Fitzsimons is a proud member of the registry of the Eden Alternative, a non-profit organization promoting quality of life in long-term care environments. Our “Eden” mission is to honor and respect those living and working in our Home through companionship, empowerment and individualized care while providing a comfortable and safe place to live.

The Colorado State Veterans Home at Fitzsimons is a 180-bed facility providing skilled nursing care and a specialized 21-bed short-term rehabilitation unit. We offer the following services:

  • Long-term care: We provide long-term medical and non-medical care, including skilled nursing services; restorative physical, occupational and speech therapy; social activities; and assistance with bathing, dressing and other activities of daily living.
  • Alzheimer’s care: Individuals with dementia are served with special care throughout our home. We also offer a secure neighborhood designed for individuals with Alzheimer’s-type dementia.
  • End-of-life/hospice services: We offer comfort-oriented care and family support during this difficult time.
  • Short-term rehabilitation: Specialized physical, occupational and speech therapies are available for individuals seeking to return home following a qualifying hospital stay. Therapy specialists work with each individual to regain skills and improve physical strength, endurance and aerobic capacity with the use of modern equipment and computerized Wii-system games in our 1,550-square-foot therapy gym. Cooking and cleaning skills lost to a stroke or illness can be relearned in our therapy room’s full-sized kitchen.