Two-Generation in Action

The Two-Generation (2Gen) approach is in action across the state of Colorado and serves clients and providers together. Take a look at the areas where 2Gen is having an impact on Coloradans.

COACT Colorado

COACT Colorado builds a system of services and supports for children with serious behavioral health challenges and their families. These individualized, culturally and linguistically relevant services and support are based on an evidence-based process known as high-fidelity wraparound.

Colorado Community Response (CCR)

As part of a group of cornerstone prevention programs formed or expanded under Governor Hickenlooper’s Child Welfare Plan “Keeping Kids Safe and Families Healthy 2.0”, CCR provides comprehensive voluntary services for families with a screened out referral and/or closed referral after initial assessment by local child welfare agencies. CCR is intended to reach families at an earlier stage when they are facing stress, in an effort to reduce future referrals to child welfare, providing a comprehensive, community-based service continuum for families at risk for child maltreatment.

The Social Work Research Center and Kempe Center CCR Evaluation

Colorado Refugees Services

Colorado Refugee Services Program

Refugees come to Colorado from many different countries from around the globe and with an array of talents, skills, backgrounds and life experiences. They share the common aspiration of finding safety, security and opportunities to establish themselves and their families in new communities.

Colorado Works 2Gen.jpg

Colorado Works Employment Opportunities with Wages Program

Created via legislation during the 2017 session, the Colorado Works Employment Opportunities with Wages Program will provide Colorado Works participants with the opportunity for subsidized income and on-the-job experience leading to permanent employment. Such an opportunity directly benefits vulnerable families on their path to economic security and helps small businesses hire willing employees, increase output and train for their specific needs.

Colorado Works Systems to Family Stability National Policy Academy

The Office of Family Assistance’s (OFA) Systems to Family Stability National Policy Academy (Policy Academy) was an 18-month intensive technical assistance (TA) initiative in 2015-2016 for seven states and one county interested in modernizing and improving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) practice.  During the initiative, sites received dedicated coaches, onsite strategic planning, access to expert consultants, and tailored written resources.  Additionally, they participated in several in-person convenings, peer exchanges, and virtual training.Family Stability.jpg

Dependency & Neglect System Reform

In October 2014, Colorado became one of five states to receive an Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention Statewide System Reform Program (SSRP) award. SSRP's purpose is to integrate effective family drug court practices into the larger dependency & neglect (D&N) system. Colorado's SSRP is known as Dependency & Neglect System Reform (DANSR) and was created to increase the collective capacity of Colorado's D&N system to support families affected by substance use & co-occurring mental health disorders. DANSR relies on cross-system collaboration by state & local-level stakeholders to reform systems.

Division of Youth Services (DYS)

The family is an integral part of the team working with youth involved in the Colorado DYS. The Division strives to adequately honor family experience and culture, empower all family members, use family strengths, and inject hope for a safe and successful future. 

Read through some of our success stories through DYS:

Deaundrey | Zeb Pike Youth Services Center

Being committed to the Division of Youth Services is an intense turning point for any youth and their families. For Deaundrey, a youth at Zeb Pike Youth Services Center, being committed only told part of the story of his challenges going forward.

Shortly after being committed and arriving at Zeb Pike, Deaundrey learned that his newborn child Gloria was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy a condition known as Noonan Syndrome, that required a complete heart transplant in order for his 14-month old baby to survive. In addition, a donor would need to be found within months before the condition would take her life. Thankfully, a match was found and, after several months, little Gloria was able to have the surgery at Children’s Hospital in Aurora.

Creating an emotional bond between Deaundrey and Gloria was pivotal at this important time in their lives. That is why Deaundrey’s Client Manager, Deaundrey’s family and the staff at Zeb Pike worked closely to ensure that their needs would be met during this critical time in their lives. They began to develop trust in each other to help ensure a smooth transition during recovery. All parties involved helped to ensure that Deaundrey had special visits, additional passes and phone calls as needed. Transportation arrangements were made by the facility and Deaundrey's family.

Deaundrey did his part to maintain his pass privileges by displaying safe behaviors in the facility and in the community. As Gloria begins her long road to recovery, Deaundrey, his family and the staff at Zeb Pike all recognize the importance of keeping this strong collaboration intact. According to Deaundrey's Clinician, Maddy Tormoen, the plan going forward is for Deaundrey to leave Zeb Pike in December and be placed at the Dale House. He also recently accepted a job at the Broadmoor Hotel and Resort as a pastry chef, an opportunity that he attributes to his culinary arts training received at Zeb Pike.

Division of Child Support Services

Colorado is proud to be one of the first states in the nation to transform its Child Support Services (CSS) program utilizing the 2Gen approach. This approach serves as a complimentary addition to CSS's core services. Counties across the state have already started to incorporate pieces of the approach into their work. Doing so brings focus to the whole family, the child(ren) and both parents, custodial and non-custodial, when providing supportive services. Check out CSS's 2Gen video at the above link to learn more!

Family Voice Council

At CDHS, we recognize the value of family participation and engaging the voices of those with lived systems experience. The Family Voice Council is made up of community members who have been involved with, or are currently engaging in, at least two CDHS services or programs. Council members come together monthly to learn, give input and ultimately affect positive systems change. The Council's mission is to improve the quality and delivery of services for all Coloradans through giving thoughtful input and achieving personal goals. Members are able to share their honest experiences and provide feedback as a guide for the future.

Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) Working Together Project 

Maternal Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting.jpg

Working Together applies the 2Gen framework to support families enrolled in evidence-based home visiting toward increasing their economic security. The project impacts caregiver access to and completion of the GED, short-term college certificate programs, workforce training and financial literacy education. While caregivers are working toward their goals, their young children will simultaneously receive quality care and support services to optimize development. Working Together is an innovative approach, based on theory and research, which streamlines and augments existing programs that support vulnerable families.