Staff Contacts

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Welcome to the Colorado Refugee Services Program

Colorado has a long history of leadership and support for refugee resettlement. Whether you are a refugee, an interested community member looking for a way to connect, or an employer looking to elevate your workforce, we hope to provide you with the resources that you need.

Refugee Services Staff Contacts

Main Line: 303-863-8211

CRSP Staff:

State Refugee Coordinator

Kit Taintor
Direct Line: 303-863-8040

Grant and Programs Manager

Noyes Combs
Direct Line: 303-863-8032

State Refugee Health Coordinator

Carol Tumaylle
Direct Line: 303-863-8217

Refugee Services Coordinator

Susan Anderson
Direct Line: 303-863-8214

Refugee Data Analyst

Jared Allen
Direct Line: 303-863-8216

Employment and Training Coordinator

Nicklaus Lesley
Direct Line: 303-863-8213

Integration Partnerships Coordinator

Meg Sagaria-Barritt
Direct Line: 303-863-8029