Sexual Health Education - Colorado Sexual Health Initiative (CoSHI)





About The Program

The Colorado Sexual Health Initiative (CoSHI) is funded by a Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) grant. CoSHI provides youth with age appropriate, medically accurate and evidence-based strategies that are proven to help reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

CDHS received federal PREP funding in 2010 to develop a sexual health education program. Through a competitive selection process, CDHS awarded funding to three communities: City and County of Denver Department of Human Services, Garfield County Department of Human Services and Huerfano County Department of Social Services. CoSHI coordinators in each of these counties work with CoSHI staff at CDHS to bring comprehensive sexual health programming to young people in Colorado along with trainings for trusted adults who would like to increase their skills in answering questions about sensitive topics.

Comprehensive sexual health education is important because research has shown that it helps youth:

  • Delay the initiation of sex (abstain)
  • Reduce the frequency of sex
  • Reduce the number of new partners
  • Reduce the incidence of unprotected sex

This funding gives Colorado the chance to coordinate initiatives and build upon state law (Colorado’s Healthy Youth Act), the state academic content standards for comprehensive health, and a variety of local initiatives addressing sexual health.

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